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Common issues: Encoding settings for garbled text
If you follow a link from Google News to an external site and you don't see legible text, the publisher may not be using Unicode (UTF-8) encoding on the site you're visiting. You may find instructions on how to view the article on the site itself.
To adjust your browser's encoding settings, just follow the browser-specific steps below.
  1. Select "View" from the top of your browser window.
  2. Select "Character Encoding."
  3. Select "Unicode (UTF-8)" from the dropdown menu.
Internet Explorer
  1. Navigate to the page you're having trouble viewing.
  2. Right-click on the page.
  3. Mouse over "Encoding."
  4. In the expanded menu, select "Unicode (UTF-8)."
  1. Select "View" from the top of your browser window.
  2. Select "Character Encoding."
  3. Select "Unicode (UTF-8)" from the drop-down menu.
You may need to close and restart all active browser windows before this change takes effect. You should then be able to view your language characters on our site.
If you experience this problem on all sites you visit, it's likely that you need to install the font or character set for the language interface in question in your browser. For installation instructions, please see your browser's help files.
Viewing text in Hindi:
If you use Internet Explorer 6+ in Windows Vista/XP/2000, you should have no problems in viewing Hindi text correctly. Mozilla Firefox requires support for complex text layout, otherwise it might display the Hindi text incorrectly. The support for complex text layout is usually turned off by default, but this Wikipedia article gives a detailed explanation on how to turn it on in various operating systems.
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