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The role of media in the Kenya 2007 elections
Despite a vote count that was considered flawed by both national and international observers, Mwai Kibaki was sworn in as President of Kenya on 30 December, 2007. Soon after, smoke could be seen rising from Kibera, the biggest slum in Africa. Within six weeks, more than a thousand people had been killed and over 500,000 had fled.  Read more
Championing condoms in India
The latest phase of our campaign to normalise condom use in India features an old sport with a new twist. Kabaddi, a game originally from the Indian subcontinent, is being used to champion condoms.   Read more
Award for innovation and partnership
The BBC World Service Trust has won the 'Innovation of the Year' and 'One BBC' awards at the second BBC World Service Awards.  Read more
Condoms win in India - video
Bangladesh Sanglap - image gallery
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