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8 May 2006 - 17 Jan 2010
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Some properties of the multivariate split Normal distribution
Mattias Villani, Sveriges Riksbank (joint with Rolf Larsson, Uppsala University)
17 December
Does Inflation Targeting Matter for Labour Markets? - Some Empirical Evidence
Anna Larsson, Stockholms University & FIEF, and Johnny Zetterberg, FIEF,
16 December

Do higher wages cause inflation?
Magnus Jonsson and Stefan Palmqvist, Sveriges Riksbank,
Discussant: Tommaso Monacelli , IGIER
10 December
Ramsey monetary policy and international relative prices"
Tommaso Monacelli , IGIER (joint with Ester Faia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra),
9 December
Booms and busts in the EMU
Nils Gottfries, Uppsala University,
2 December
Exchange Rate Pass-Through – Theory, Concepts, Beliefs and Some Evidence
Malin Adolfson, Sveriges Riksbank,
25 November
The Impact of Competition on Bank Orientation and Specialization
Steven Ongena, CentER, Tilburg University, och Hans Degryse, KU Leuven och CentER,
28 November
A Simultaneous Model of the Swedish Krona, Euro and US Dollar
Hans Lindblad and Peter Sellin, Sveriges Riksbank,
18 November
The effects of permanent technology shocks on labor productivity and hours in the RBC model
Jesper Lindé, Sveriges Riksbank,
11 November
Intersectoral wage linkages in Sweden
Kent Friberg, Sveriges Riksbank,
4 November
Business survey data: Do they help in forecasting the macro economy?
Per Jansson (Sveriges Riksbank), Jesper Hansson and Mårten Löf (KI),
28 October
Bayesian estimators of cointegrating relations
Mattias Villani, Sveriges Riksbank and Stockholms University,
21 October
Bubbling and Crashing Exchange Rates
Marianna Grimaldi, Sveriges Riksbank,
14 October 
The Provision of an Elastic Currency in a Free Banking System: Sweden 1878-1901
Per Hortlund, Handelshögskolan and Ratio institute,
7 October
Estimation of an adaptive stock market model with heterogeneous agents
Henrik Amilon, Lund University,
30 September
Loanable funds, risk and bank service output
Christina Wang, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston,
11 September
Investment planning costs and the effects of fiscal and monetary policy
Susanto Basu, University of Michigan and Harvard University (joint with Miles Kimball, University of Michigan),
9 September
An empirical evaluation of inflation forecast targeting - the case of Sweden
Mårten Blix, Hans Dillén and Åsa Knudsen, Sveriges Riksbank,
2 September
Loan Pricing under Basel Capital Requirements"
Rafael Repullo, CEMFI and CEPR,
25 August
Monetary Policy Performance and the Accuracy of Observations
Kristoffer Nimark, European University Institute, Florence,
19 August
Co-ordination failures and the lender of last resort
Xavier Vives, INSEAD (joint with Jean-Charles Rochet, LSE and Toulouse Univ.),
18 August
"Factor Representations of the Term Structure and the Macroeconomy"
Glenn Rudebusch, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
17 June
Internal rating systems, implied credit risk and the consistency of banks risk classification policies"
Tor Jacobson, Jesper Lindé and Kasper Roszbach, Sveriges Riksbank, 
10 June
Monetary Policy in an Estimated Open-Economy Model with Imperfect Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Jesper Lindé, Marianne Nessén and Ulf Söderström,
27 May 

Robust Monetary Policy with Competing Reference Models
Andrew Levin, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,
4 June

Mini-course on Liquidity
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, London School of Economics,
2 - 4 June
Demography, Human Capital, and Economic Growth: A Study on the US States 1930-2000
Joakim Persson, Trade Union Institute for Economic Research (FieF) and Örebro University
20 May
Distance, Lending Relationships, and Competition
Steven Ongena, CentER, Tilburg University,
15 April
On the Empirical Relevance of the Taylor Rule
Per Österholm, Uppsala University,
25 March
Hedging, stock market participation and portfolio Choice
Andrei Simonov, Stockholm School of Economics,
11 March
Optimal Monetary Targeting Regimes Under Imperfect Information
Peter Kriz, University of California, Santa Cruz,
20 February
Financial Contracts and Occupational Choice
Alexander Karaivanov, University of Chicago,
17 february
Government Employment and the Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Policy Shocks
Michele Cavallo, New York University,
13 february
Macroeconomic developments and financial stability in the Nordic countries
Jan Hansen, Sveriges Riksbank,
4 February
Will a regional bloc expand?
Giorgia Albertin, London School of Economics,
31 January
Liquidity Crises and Economic Growth
Romain Ranciere, New York University and CERAS, Banks,
29 January
The exchange rate in a Model with Heterogenous Agents and Transaction Costs
Marianna Grimaldi, Leuven University and Norges Bank,
16 January
Choice: Evidence from Swedish Micro Data
Björn Lagerwall, Stockholm School of Economics, Labor Supply Flexibility and Portfolio
14 January

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