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08 May 2006 - 16 Oct 2006
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The Research Division regularly receives guests from both central banks and universities. These guests present their research at a seminar and participate in meetings with Riksbank employees from various fields, not just within the Research Division. Guest researchers usually spend around a week at the Riksbank, although there are occasionally longer visits of six months or a year.
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Edward S. Prescott, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, December

Mark Carey, Board of Governors, November

Leonard Nakamura, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, October.

Fabio Canova, IGIER-Università Bocconi, September.

Paolo Giordani, University of New South Wales, School of Economics, June.

Jim Nason, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, June.

Dale Henderson, Federal Reserve Board, June.

Don Morgan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, June.

Joao Santos, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, April.

Tommy Sveen, Norges Bank, March.

Paolo Surico, Università Bocconi, February.

Franklin Allen, University of Pennsylvania, February.

Francesco Zanetti, Boston College, February.

Pietro Cova, Georgetown University, February.

Rodney Strachan, Liverpool University, January.

Herman van Dijk, Erasmus Universiteit, January.

Meredith Beechey, UC Berkeley, Reserve Bank of Australia and IIES, January.

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