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22 Sep 2007 - 26 Jan 2022
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OSI Forum: Ending Slavery, Promising Transparency, Bringing Citizens Home—A Report on Mauritania’s Democratic Transition
The Open Society Justice Initiative hosted a discussion on the promise and danger brought about by recent developments in Mauritania.  more
OSI Forum: Women in Conflict Zones—Why Are Governments Failing and How Are Women's Rights Movements Responding?
At this OSI event, panelists discussed their cutting-edge work addressing violence against women in conflict and post-conflict zones, and where they see governments failing.  more
Amplifying Voices: A Series of Digital Stories
This OSI-sponsored collection of videos gives voice to the concerns of people marginalized by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.  more
Eyes on Zimbabwe
Eyes on Zimbabwe is a web advocacy campaign designed to raise awareness of the humanitarian and human rights crisis in Zimbabwe.  more
OSI Forum: Negotiating Human Rights in the Afghan Context
OSI-New York
February 28, 2008
At this OSI panel, human rights advocates working in Afghanistan addressed the challenges of promoting global standards in a conservative Muslim society recovering from decades of conflict and extremism.  more
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OSI Forum: We Are Not Free—The Future of the Media in Pakistan
OSI-New York
December 5, 2007
The OSI Middle East & North Africa Initiative held a documentary film screening and panel discussion on press freedom and the current crisis in Pakistan.  more
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Moving Walls 14
The photographers in this OSI exhibition document issues including the devastating consequences of oil production in Nigeria, survivors of sex-trafficking in Moldova, the effect of rapid modernization on Turkey’s national psyche, the continued impact of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and the aftermath of rape and genocide in Rwanda. more
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Katrina: An Unnatural Disaster
Designed to spark continuing national discussion of the social and economic impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, this multimedia website features the work of OSI's Katrina Media Fellows. more
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