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15 May 2008 - 9 Jun 2010
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Georgetown University
Online site management
You can manage your site completely online from any computer. Simply find the page you wish to edit and apply changes to the page online using a simple Microsoft Word-like tool. No need to know HTML, no fear of breaking your nice design! You can also create new pages based on existing templates at the click of a button, and distribute announcements throughout the site-and make them appear and disappear on cue! KeySite also allows you to assign responsibility for different sections to different staff using Georgetown's NetID system. Online documentation is included. We also have a list of KeySite Enterprise services.
Web-based postcards
Do you have a lot of beautiful photographs or digital images you want to distribute? KeyCards allows you to upload images from which users can select their favorite, enter a message and their name, and the recipient's name and e-mail address, and mail the electronic postcard off-all branded with your name and message.
Online shopping cart
Use KeyCart to develop a shopping catalog and process credit cards in real time. You can assign products to categories, give them characteristics such as color and size, and manage the messages the system sends out to your customers. KeyCart utilizes the Georgetown Web Payment System which provides secure online credit card transactions and allows you to manage debits and credits as needed.
Online surveys and data analysis
Ever wondered how on earth you can gather information online and, even better, make use of all the valuable data that you have gathered? KeyForm leads you step by step through setting up a form, what data elements you want to include (for instance, do you want people to make a single selection from a list of items, or can they choose more than one item), who should be able to access your survey (you can restrict your survey to anybody with a NetID, or even a member of a particular group of Georgetown users), and how it should look. And then you can access the responses in all sorts of ways. Perhaps you want to see how College alumni answered the survey versus SFS alumni, or even blue-haired dog-lovers versus green-haired cat-lovers! Either way, you have a wealth of extraordinarily valuable information right at your fingertips - and all online.
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