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Real streaming products and media services enable organizations to take full advantage of digital media by creating, sending and receiving audio, video and other multimedia over the Internet and corporate networks.
Discover what Real can do for you by using the streaming products and media services groupings below, as well as the value packages and special programs we have available, or use the pull-down menu above to select a specific product or service. If you're not sure which streaming products and media services are best for you and your organization, see examples of how others in your industry are using streaming media.
Our products support every step of the streaming media delivery process from creation to playback.
Media Creation
Find the hardware and software you need to capture, edit and transform traditional media into Internet media — including the popular RealProducer Plus and Helix Mobile Producer.
Media Servers
Learn more about our expanded line of Helix Servers, and how your Web site or corporate intranet can add extra value by delivering digital media in addition to text and images. Media server products include Helix Server and Helix Mobile Server.
Media Players
Get RealPlayer software — the industry's leading media software for experiencing audio and video over the Internet or corporate networks. Choose from a range of RealPlayer versions designed for Mobile, Mac, Unix, enterprise environments, and more.
Media Player Management
The RealPlayer Enterprise Solution is software designed to help systems administrators centrally manage the deployment and maintenance of media players within corporations, government agencies or educational institutions.
Learn about RealVideo 10 and RealAudio 10, Real's market leading codecs for the playback of the highest quality audio and video. Watch and listen for yourself!
Media Security
Protect your content with access control and rights management products and services from Real.
Free & Trial Products
Download and try the many free and evaluation versions of Real's and Partners' products.
Our many services help you take full advantage of our experience and expertise as the leading company in digital media creation, delivery and playback. We also offer services to help customers who choose not to perform some of these functions themselves.
RBN Hosting Services
The Real Broadcast Network (RBN) provides a range of complete Internet broadcasting services for some of the Web's most demanding programming and customers.
Media Systems Integrators
Real Professional Services specializes in designing and building turnkey solutions for leading customers.
Support Services
We offer five easy-to-understand support service programs. Each program is based on the types of services and the level of support you need. Choosing a higher level of support means that more services are available to you.
Certification Programs
Learn more about how to validate and promote your Helix powered products.
Train here at Real or at a location near you, and learn everything you need to know about Helix platform directly from the experts.
Discover innovative advertising services within the Real.com network and other Real programming.
Real’s carrier-class portfolio of end-to-end system solutions provide media delivery applications to Mobile operators, telecommunications companies and broadband and satellite providers.
Mobile Operators
Mobile operators, manufacturers, content providers and consumers are taking advantage of Real's unique line of mobile solutions to expand the delivery of media to mobile phones and other devices.
Broadband Operators
Service providers are employing proven media player, delivery and back-end technologies that have generated more than 1 million subscribers to improve their high-speed data service offerings.
Save money with our totally compatible, completely seamless packages and programs designed for creating and delivering digital media over the Internet or your corporate intranet.
Webcast To Go
Webcast To Go is a complete end-to-end multi format webcasting solution combining the GoStream one button media appliance from Viewcast with the GoHost streaming media hosting service from the Real Broadcast Network (RBN).
Special Programs
These convenient programs will save your organization money on complete solutions for creating and delivering dynamic, engaging and secure streaming media presentations. Find out more about which solution is right for your organization.

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