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Open Society News: New Challenges to Building Open Societies in Africa
Winter 2007-2008
The challenges to Africa posed by HIV/AIDS, the Darfur conflict, and harassment of African Muslims are some of the themes covered in this issue of Open Society Newsmore
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“We Have Degrees in Violence”: A Report on Torture and Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe
December 2007
Conducted by international health professionals, this OSI-supported report provides evidence that the Zimbabwean government is systematically using torture and violence to deter political opposition.  more
OSI Forum: Zimbabwe Post-Election Climate
OSI-New York
April 15, 2008
Speakers from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and the International Crisis Group discussed the current political and human rights situation on the ground, looked at potential outcome scenarios, and made recommendations regarding the various policy options available to resolve the crisis.  more
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Baghdad Film School Videos
A selection of films that were completed by students of the Independent Film and Television College, an OSI grantee. The college, which teaches young Iraqis how to tell their stories through film, charges no tuition fees and is funded by international charities, trade unions, and private donations. more
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Several OSI initiatives distribute email newsletters on a range of issues related to program activities around the world. more
Soros Foundations Network 2006 Annual Report
This comprehensive survey focuses on the stories of people helped by OSI’s work on issues ranging from human rights, to access to education, to freedom of information, to public health. more
Open Society Institute: 2007 Selected Stories
This brochure features selected stories about the efforts of OSI grantees, as well as larger themes and policies OSI is engaged in strengthening. more
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