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9 Mar 2008 - 6 Jul 2017
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What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a Web site owner that promotes our products on his/her site(s) and earns commissions based on sales generated from referrals.

Why partner with Britannica?
The Britannica Affiliate Program is an easy way for Web site owners to make money by promoting Britannica products. Whenever a customer that is referred by your site signs up for a free trial to Britannica Online or purchases a product from the Britannica Store, you earn a percentage of the sale. We offer generous base commissions to all of our affiliates.

Key benefits of our program:
  • Base commission is 10% of the full Britannica Online subscription price when a customer signs up for a free trial
  • Base commission of 10% on Britannica Store sales
  • Frequent special offers and discounts exclusive to our affiliate partners
  • FREE to join
What is the difference between Britannica Online and the Britannica Store?
When you join our program, you can choose to promote both Britannica Online and the Britannica Store. Britannica Online is our premium online subscription service that gives customers online access to the comprehensive, trusted Britannica knowledge database with full access to over 500,000 topics, interactive study and homework help, thousands of images and video, Merriam-Webster’s Online dictionary and thesaurus, and much more…

The Britannica Store is where customers will find a diverse selection of physical merchandise such as our world-renowned print sets, books, software, DVDs and videos as well as products from our sister company, Merriam-Webster, and a number of third party selections. Whether your customers are parents looking for reliable learning resources for their kids or history buffs interested in the hot-button issues facing the world today—Britannica is the knowledge source they can trust.

What are the payouts?
10% commission on both Britannica Online free trial sign-ups and product sales at the Britannica Store.

How do I join?
Join the program at one of two affiliate networks: Commission Junction or Performics. Review the affiliate agreement and terms and fill out the online application. You will be contacted upon approval.

How much does it cost?
It is free to join! You earn commissions on any sales that you generate for us.

Who can join the program?
If you have a website, you can fill out an application to join our program. Once you are approved as an appropriate affiliate, you can begin promoting Britannica on your site!

Where do I get promotional materials (banners, text links, etc.)?
We design banners and provide links and marketing copy to make promoting Britannica as simple as possible.

Any questions or ideas you would like to share?
We want to hear from you. For any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact our
Affiliate Program Manager.