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18 Oct 2000 - 04 Jul 2014
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Encyclopædia Britannica, a leader in knowledge and learning for nearly 240 years and a pioneer in digital publishing, is pleased to announce partnerships with the following companies:
CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with a special focus on working alongside poor women. CARE believes that women who are equipped with the proper resources have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. As such, women are at the heart of CARE's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. In support of CARE's mission, Britannica is pleased to make a donation to CARE in the amount of $25 with the purchase of an Encyclopaedia Britannica Online subscription.

Babylon is a leading provider of single-click information retrieval and translation services. With Babylon unique translation software, users can click on any English term from any desktop application and get immediate results from Britannica's Concise Encyclopedia. Convenient, one-click access to more than 28,000 articles along with colorful pictures, maps, and flags. Try it for free today!

Upromise's mission is to make college more affordable for American families, with the belief that every child should have the chance for a higher education. As such, Upromise was established to give families an easy way to save - every day - and encourage them to start early by investing their own money for college on a regular basis. Upromise's Rewards service offers money for college from many of America's leading companies such as Citi®, ExxonMobil, McDonald's and now Britannica. Upromise members can earn $6 into their Upromise account simply by activitating a free trial to the new Britannica Online Student Edition. To join Upromise, you can visit www.upromise.com​.

Fave Media
Fave is a next-generation search engine allowing users to quickly find the information they seek by filtering out intrusive advertising and "spidered" content. By only showing ads that users have specifically requested, Fave eliminates the irrelevance that plagues the mainstream internet experience, and levels the playing field for local businesses to harness the internet to effectively market. Fave is proud to partner with Britannica to populate its digital library category, which delivers concise, meaningful content to Fave users seeking research articles. To download Fave for free, visit www.getfave.com today!.

Ohio Distinctive Solutions
Ohio Distinctive Solutions is a state-of-the-art fulfillment house that manages order processing and shipping for many of Encyclopædia Britannica’s online orders. For more information on Ohio Distinctive Solutions, please visit www.ohio-distinctive.com/partners​.

Parenting Teens Online
ParentingTeensOnline is a free online magazine for parents of teenagers, ages 12-19. The magazine and Web site offer practical, expert- and parent-guided advice and information on teen health, media and technology, drugs/alcohol, sexuality, education, volunteering, sports, and social issues. Because adolescence can be challenging for parents, we let them know what's happening before they need to know it. ParentingTeensOnline is easy to use and easy to access, with information delivered monthly in an email update that links directly with the Web site. Sign-up for free at www.ParentingTeensOnline.com​.

Cramster.com is a study community for math, science and engineering subjects geared toward high school students, college students, TAs, professors and anyone else who is seeking to expand or share their subject knowledge. Find step-by-step solutions for popular textbooks, share your study material, and ask or answer questions on our 24/7, expert-moderated Answer Board. If you are a parent looking to assist your child, a student seeking homework help or simply a person who craves solving problems, join Cramster.com for free.

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