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Open Society Institute: 2007 Selected Stories
December 2007
The Open Society Institute and the Soros foundations network have given away over $6 billion to build open, democratic societies. In 2007, the network spent approximately $450 million to help people around the world. OSI’s priorities in 2007 included advancing international justice and strengthening domestic justice systems, monitoring and supporting reforms in public health, advocating for transparency and the fair distribution of natural resource riches, improving the lives and securing the human rights of the Roma, and protecting the rights of other marginalized groups such as the developmentally disabled and injecting drug users.
The following brochure features selected stories from 2007. Some stories are about the efforts of OSI’s grantees. Other stories are about larger themes and policies OSI is engaged in strengthening. Together these accounts represent just a small fraction of the work OSI and the Soros foundations accomplished in 2007.
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Open Society Institute: 2007 Selected Stories
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