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Expenses for clothes, shoes and furniture increased the most in 2007
Total expenditures for an average household amounted to SEK 263 020 in 2007. Expenses for clothes, shoes, furniture and household equipment increased by 8 percent compared to 2006. Expenditures for clothes and shoes were SEK 14 440 in 2007, while SEK 15 940 was spent on furniture and household equipment.
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Higher rent increases for rental dwellings
Average rent increases have gradually been decreasing over the last three years. Rent increases in January for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 were 2.5, 2.3, 1.3 and 0.9 percent respectively.
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Significant regional differences in foreign ownership of holiday homes
Roughly 4 percent of Swedish holiday homes are owned by foreigners, but there are considerable regional differences. The majority of owners come from Denmark (34 percent), Germany (33 percent) and Norway (23 percent).
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First quarter export volume up nearly 6 percent
During the first quarter of 2008, exports from Sweden increased by 5.6 percent in volume (value in constant prices) compared to the first quarter of 2007. At the same time, Swedish imports of goods increased in volume by 4.7 percent.
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How it went for the 70 000 students who graduated in 2001
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Increased health and medical expenditures between 2006 and 2007
County councils’ net expenditure for health and medical care, exclusive of dental care, was SEK 176.9 billion in 2007. This is an increase of SEK 8 billion, 4.8 percent, compared to 2006. According to earlier figures from the county councils’ preliminary income statements, a surplus of SEK 4 billion was reported for extraordinary items.
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Fall in households' savings
The rate of increase of households' disposable income fell during the first quarter of 2008. The rate of increase amounted to 3.6 percent nominally, corresponding to 1.3 percent in real terms, compared to the same quarter of 2007. After the rise seen in the past two years, reduced savings can be noted for the first time.
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Unemployment 6.0%
(April 2008)
Population 9 196 227
(March 31 2008)
Consumer prices 3.4%
(April 2008 compared with April 2007)
GDP +2.2%
(Q1 2008 compared with Q1 2007)
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Germany is Sweden's leading trading partner.

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