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05 Jul 2008 - 11 Jan 2012
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Liberal Arts Seminar
“The LAS is an academic boot-camp, a self-examination, and a faith-crisis wrapped into one 18 credit extravaganza. For the first time in my life, discussion in class began to heavily influence the way I thought and acted.”
—Brodie Parent, C’07

Intensive, intellectual, and interdisciplinary​. A Georgetown College tradition since 1968, the Liberal Arts Seminar (LAS) connects first-year students to scholarship, to faculty, and to each other through cooperative learning. From the worlds of history literature, philosophy, and theology, the professors guide the small group of thirty participants to work through complex ideas together.

Using the political, social, and economic revolutions of the 19th century as a theme, the LAS investigates the age that challenged traditional views of nature and the meaning of life. With emphasis on reading and discussion, learning is teamwork that builds a unique sense of community for students and faculty through a shared intellectual experience, extending beyond traditional departmental boundaries.

Designed for the ambitious students, the Liberal Arts Seminar integrates a number of the College’s general education requirements into a year-long exploration, which emphasizes the exercise of speaking and writing within and across disciplines. Past participants are enthusiastic advocates of the seminar’s academic challenge and the relationships built among students and faculty in this foundational year.
Who may apply?
All Bachelor of Arts students with no obligations during the times of the class. Undeclared pre-med students interested in LAS should defer science coursework until sophomore year.
Application procedures
Admitted first-year students are sent application materials in early June.
Course/credit equivalencies
3 courses and 9 credits each semester
Semester- or year-long?
The LAS is a year-long commitment.
Requirements fulfilled
6 general education requirements (2 humanities & writing, 2 history, 1 philosophy, and 1 theology)
Enroll in LAS and another seminar option?
No, but you may apply for all three programs.

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