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Op-Ed: Is International Justice the Enemy of Peace?
Aryeh Neier
July 17, 2008
OSI President Aryeh Neier addresses the persistent criticism that in an effort to do justice, international courts obstruct achievement of a more important goal, peace. more
Recognizing Profound and Urgent Threats to Democracy, the Open Society Institute Charts New Direction for Its Work in the United States
Press Release
June 12, 2008
Building on a ten year commitment of more than $800 million to advance democracy and progressive reform in the United States, OSI launches groundbreaking new initiatives.  more
Open Society Institute Launches Campaign to Promote Black Men and Boys' Achievement
Press Release
June 12, 2008
OSI announces a new campaign to address the exclusion of African American men and boys from the economic and political mainstream in the United States.  more
Burma's Agony: The International Humanitarian Response
Asia Society
June 9, 2008
The Open Society Institute along with the Asia Society convened a panel discussion to assess the situation in Burma after Cyclone Nargis.  more
Op Ed: Europe Must End Violence Against the Roma
Emma Bonino, Jan Marinus Wiersma and Andre Wilkens
June 4, 2008
Europe must find an effective approach to end racist violence against the Roma people once and for all, writes OSI-Brussels Director Andre Wilkens in this Financial Times article. more
Uganda AIDS Implementers Must Address Human Rights
Press Release
May 28, 2008
The HIV/AIDS Implementers’ Meeting in Uganda must address the widespread human rights abuses and lack of legal services fueling the country’s HIV epidemic, according to a new report released by the Open Society Initiative for East Africa and OSI’s Law and Health Initiative. more
OSI-Baltimore Tenth Anniversary
May 13, 2008
At the OSI-Baltimore Tenth Anniversary Celebration, Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey, gave the keynote address to a crowd of more than 400 leaders in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  more
OSI-Supported Disability Rights Video Screened at UN
May 12, 2008
In recognition of the enforcement of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, WITNESS and the UN screened an OSI-supported video documenting the rights of people with mental disabilities to live as part of the community in Croatia.  more
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Security a la Italiana: Fingerprinting, Extreme Violence and Harassment of Roma in Italy
July 2008
A coalition including OSI released this report detailing the magnitude of recent racist and xenophobic action against Roma in Italy. more
Television Across Europe: Follow-up Reports
Spring 2008
EUMAP and OSI's Media Program are releasing a set of nine country updates for the publication, Television Across Europe, which will cover key developments since 2005-2006. more
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Audacious Ideas: Changing Baltimore
After ten years, OSI-Baltimore celebrates a decade of implementing audacious ideas to create social justice. Watch the video that talks about how OSI-Baltimore works to create lasting change.  more
Moving Walls 14
The photographers in this OSI exhibition document issues including the devastating consequences of oil production in Nigeria, survivors of sex-trafficking in Moldova, the effect of rapid modernization on Turkey’s national psyche, the continued impact of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and the aftermath of rape and genocide in Rwanda.  more
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International Rally for Human Rights and HIV/AIDS
Mexico City
August 7, 2008
Join OSI and thousands of activists and others affected by HIV/AIDS in a global rally for human rights during the 2008 International AIDS Conference.  more
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George Soros
Founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute and Soros foundations network.  more
OSI Statement on George Soros’s Political Activities
OSI Statement on Fraudulent Email
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