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University of Chicago - Department of Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology:
"AWP did a fantastic job on our site - they understand design, search engine optimization, and most importantly, that an academic website is different from a commercial website."
Naoum P. Issa
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology
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MIT - Chemical Engineering Department & Division of Biological Engineering:
"Since Academic Web Pages redesigned my lab's site, I've heard many compliments from colleagues and visitors. We post links to our publications, presentations, and biographical information for all lab members. The lab web site is effectively a publicly displayed curriculum vitae, for perusal by prospective graduate students and colleagues (currently an average of 18 hits per day.) I enthusiastically recommend AWP to any faculty who want an elegant, professional design for their site."
K. Dane Wittrup
J.R. Mares Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
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Dartmouth College - Department of Education:
"We have received many compliments on the website AWP designed, both from within and outside the college. Many of our staff members report using the site to answer questions for themselves and from students. Students can easily access information on the website when they have additional questions. AWP's immediate response in adding new content has been especially helpful when we have timely news events and announcements. We have only wonderful and positive feedback about our website. It is everything we wanted and more. We are grateful to AWP for being consistently creative, open to feedback, and quick in adding content. We appreciate their efforts very much!"
Laura-Ann Petitto
Chair and Professor
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Department of Materials Science and Engineering Carnegie Mellon :
"The work that Academic Web Pages has performed for us has been excellent. They do an outstanding job and are quick to implement any change or update that we request. The fact that we interact with them via the Internet expedites the process to the point that it is almost effortless. Academic Web Pages truly understands the needs of academic institutions and what our web site is all about."
Gregory S. Rohrer
W.W. Mullins Professor and Head
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University of Illinois, Department of Chemistry - Denmark Group:
"I should say that I am very, very pleased with my web site. I have received many positive comments about the site, both in terms of its visual appeal as well as the ease of navigation and the content. It certainly has raised awareness and ease of access for information about my lab."
Strengths of Academic Web Pages.
Scott E. Denmark
Reynold C. Fuson Professor of Chemistry
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"We were dissatisfied with our website, so we turned to Academic Web Pages. AWP created a beautiful design that worked perfectly for us. They understood precisely what we wanted. And we have acquired the habit of answering media questions by simply referring people to the site as a starting point. It's extremely easy to keep it current; AWP updates immediately when we email a request. We couldn't be more delighted."
Stephan Thernstrom
Professor of History,
Harvard University
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"Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's website has been invaluable for disseminating information to Yale users and very importantly to outside Yale visitors. Academic Web Pages has always been prompt and available for EEB's needs to insert new content, offering suggestions for improvements and refining information.
We launched the site several years ago. We realized the need to revamp to show the breadth of the faculty and graduate students research and accomplishments. Academic Web Pages was invaluable in that effort. We recommend them highly and without reservation."
Maureen F. Cunningham
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University
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"AWP has been continuously responsive to our needs - it provides a cost-efficient and user-friendly approach to managing our program's web site."
Linda D. Burnley
Director of Administration & Finance. Harvard-MIT Combined MD-PhD Program
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"It was a joy to work with designers who specialized in web pages for... ACADEMIA! They understand the unique needs and goals that we had and worked diligently to ensure our satisfaction."
Tom McHugh
GPILS: Graduate Program in Life Sciences University of Maryland
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"I am constantly asked by colleagues, "How did I get such a useful comprehensive web site?" I always credit Academic Web Pages and their swift, competent and versatile responses. AWP has allowed me to recruit applicants to work at the school-based health centers and to expand our recruitment to child psychiatrists looking for an academic career. As an academician I often have publications that I want to post as they go into press and AWP is so responsive! This is a true asset for those of us who are lecturing, publishing and teaching and need some infrastructure and organization to provide quick access and updated information."
Nancy Rappaport MD
Cambridge Hospital, Department of Psychiatry
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