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Press Releases
Here you will find the press releases published by the Riksbank.

9/19/2008Some reflections on the current situation
9/18/2008Measures to facilitate market functioning
9/4/2008Repo rate raised to 4.75 per cent
8/27/2008Riksbank increases size of monetary policy repo
8/26/2008Riksbank reallocates gold and foreign exchange reserves
8/21/2008The economic situation
7/3/2008Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.5 per cent
6/13/2008The decision-making process and monetary policy deliberations
6/9/2008The Riksbank to phase out the CPIX inflation measure
6/3/2008Financial stability is satisfactory but the risks have increased
5/30/2008The current situation and monetary policy
5/28/2008It costs to pay!
5/21/2008Nyberg: The financial crisis - developments in recent months and some lessons learnt
5/16/2008The Riksbank enters into a swap facility with Sedlabanki Íslands
5/8/2008Öberg: Monetary policy and the situation in the Swedish economy
5/7/2008Updated communication policy for the Riksbank
4/23/2008Repo rate unchanged at 4.25 per cent
3/12/2008Commemorative coin to celebrate Selma Lagerlöf
3/11/2008New international measures to address liquidity pressures in funding markets
3/6/2008More features on the Riksbank’s website
3/4/2008Nyberg: Economic activity and the property market
3/3/2008Rosenberg: Monetary policy and commodity and energy prices
2/27/2008Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2008:1
2/21/2008Ingves: Monetary policy with an inflation target
2/13/2008Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
2/8/2008General Council's decision on allocation of net income
2/8/2008The Riksbank shall be adequately capitalised
2/8/2008New forms for issuing commemorative coins
2/4/2008Nyberg: The US mortgage crisis and the financial turmoil
1/2/2008Exchange of EU payment

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