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Open Letter to UAE’s Minister of Labor
10/05/2008 15:14:00
"Open Letter of Appeal"
His Excellency Dr. Ali Bin Abdullah Al Ka'abi.
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
United Arab Emirates
30 March 2008
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Your Excellency:
Conveying my Greetings and commendation on Your Excellency recent hosting of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue.

At the same time may I express my after thoughts and sincere concerns and appeal to Your Excellency, especially in the wake of the Arab Summit in Syria.

In 1985 I have had the honour to meet His Imminence Sheikh Khazraji. Our delegation went to UAE to introduce the concept of Bringing Technology to the Services for Islam; a Project conceived by my late Mother Khunying Zubeida Sangdao Siamwalla - who pioneered the concept of Computerization of The Holy Quran and Islamic Studies; as she realized the ever emerging role that Computer plays into our lives; and to make our Ummah Computer literate.

While waiting for an Official meeting with the Minister of Religious Affiars of UAE - I went from the Hotel to a Mosque nearby every Maghrib pray time - without realizing that the Imam of the Mosque who was leading the pray was no other than His Imminence Sheikh Khazraji himself.

From that experience, I have learned that working for Islam requires no formal introduction, as Allah The Almighty will guide the ways to those who have sincere intentions.

I am sure that your Excellency is fully aware of the sufferings of our Muslims Brothers and Sisters in Palestine, being surrounded and isolated by walls and attacked by enemies with devastating warfare technologies on defenseless citizens, deprived of basic foods and commodities.

Your Excellency directives could further show solidarity and in support to the recent open statement by His Excellency Dr. Saif Al Islam Muammar Al Gaddhafi to the German Chancellor on the insensitivity to the issue of Israeli atrocities on the walled in Palestine.

Your Excellency's role as the Labor and Social Affairs Minister in alleviating the sufferings of other human beings is highly commendable, but need not only be confined to laborers welfare, as it can also be a pivotal mechanism if extended to humanity on a Global scale.

Israel hires a lot of foreign labor workers from nations of same conventional source of supply as UAE. These foreign workers are hired to work in Israel to work in the farms to steal the produce from Palestinians' land. These workers also work in other service industries, including military related activities; and thus free the Israelis citizens to participate in direct Military Service by enrollment into Israeli Armed forces of destruction.

Therefore, such directives from Your Excellency's Ministry can alleviate the sufferings of humanity in Gaza. "A PERMANENT BAN on foreign workers who have worked in Israel from working in the UAE would be a good starter".

To make these directives more effective, A BAN ON COMPANIES AND NATIONS supplying workers to Israel from supplying workers to the UAE could be another prerogative and privilege of UAE, and for that matter all other Muslim host nations.

Boycotts of Israeli products and companies working with Israel are already a part of economics sanction imposed on Israel by the Arab League of Nations; and thus such Labor Ban could and should be implemented with accepted norm.

Aside from creating awareness of atrocities being committed by Israelis on humanity, it would also be a strong deterrent to other nations not to support such atrocities.

Closer to home, may I implore Your Excellency to also look into the situation of The Philippines. The plight and oppressions of Muslims in Mindanao could also be effectively alleviated through a conveyance of strong message to The Philippines Government - who heavily relies on the billion of Dollars from remittance of their expatriates working in the UAE.

Repatriation of these Philippine workers back to their home and replacing them with those from Indonesia would be an effective way to end the suffering of the Muslim in the Philippines and a bolster for the well beings of the Muslims in Indonesia.

I have thought of and conveyed such strategies not out of spite, but with concern for sufferings of humanity; and thus it embolden me to convey this message to Your Excellency with respect and sincerity in the hope that Allah the Almighty will judge me kindly for this deed and will guide Your Excellency decisions.

Assuring Your Excellency of my integrity and sincerity.
Wassalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Yours sincerely
Abdul Hamid Thiti Siamwalla Vice President, Islamic Social and Economic Development Foundation of Thailand
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Name: robert
Date: 07/10/2009 06:16:30
I knew thiti in the 1990's when he was living in KL..It looks like he has found his voice and calling in the world...
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