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I have a Strong Suspicion
24/05/2008 18:00:00
Dear Editor,
I have a few comments to make in connection with the article "McCain says Iraq War can be Won by 2013, Indicates Iraq War similar to World War II", dated 17/05/2008 that appeared in your newspaper.

Considering the enormity and scale of World War II, one has got to be devoid of all sense of proportion and balance, to be likening Iraq 'War' to it.

McCain thinks Iraq 'War' can be won by 2013. American forces have already been in Iraq for over five years now, carrying out their ruthless campaign with all their might. If they need another five years to succeed, they must be the laziest and the most inefficient War Machine on earth.

McCain claims further that by 2013, most of the servicemen and women who sacrificed terribly so that America might be secure in her freedom, will be back home.

That sounds like unduly glorifying the participants of an unjust, brutal campaign. In what way did Iraq threaten America's freedom?

I learnt through newspaper reports that nearly a fifth of the combatants who participated in Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns have gone crazy. I have a strong suspicion that a significant percentage of those Americans who did not participate in Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns have also been adversely affected and suffer from delusions and hallucinations.

Karachi / Pakistan
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