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Thank God for the Bravery of these Libyans
24/05/2008 18:04:00
The World balance of power really needs to be dramatically changed.

Thank God for the bravery of these Libyans in speaking out against such horrific acts perpetuated by the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

It is more than obvious these Western countries are happy to exploit the weak without any regard for the sanctity of human life.

Thair El Heri
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Name: Libyan American
Date: 27/06/2008 18:30:48
Dear Sir or Madame,

While I embrace your efforts to provide an english language newspaper in Libya, I find your publication to lack substance and credibility. Your newspaper, unfortunately, is filled news about the Libyan president (despite his attempt to escape this title, and its responsibilities). In reality, much of the breaking news related to Libya revolve around the state of healthcare in Libya, the rising and unsubstantiated cost of education, inflation, and reform (or the illusion of it).

If your paper strives to provide a service to Libya, and its citizens, than I think you should look beyond the 95 sultans, emirs, and leaders that accepted Islam before the guide of the revolution. Perhaps then, your newspaper will gain more credibility among Libyans and foreigners alike.

-Libyan American
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