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Al-Qathafi Wise to Address such Issue
17/08/2008 10:53:00
In relation to your article "Gaddafi: Iran, Germany Need to Join Powerful Alliances to Face Today's Challenges", the Libyan leader Muammar Al-Qathafi is wise to address this issue at this point in time.

If the African Union does not continually move forward, working together to make a better, more unified and modernized Africa, the entire continent will be swallowed up by corporations, organizations and some predatory nations who hold great power in this world.

None of whom, by the way, have the best interests of African citizen's at heart.

Nations friendly to African member states should receive preferential treatment in matters of trade and diplomacy, with no apologies to the predatory nations for doing so.

May God's light continue to illuminate your path Col. Muammar Al-Qathafi.

John Brian Shannon
White Rock,
British Columbia,
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Name: Dave
Date: 23/10/2011 19:21:10
So, John Brian Shannon, whatever happened to God's light illuminating Col. Al-Qathafi's path?

The guy was a murderer. If you don't believe he was a murder of innocent people on several airliners in the 1980s and other terrorist attacks, then surely you can accept that he's a murderer of many thousands of his own people.

Perhaps there's a website of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea that you can now go post ridiculous fawning useful-idiot messages in support of Kim Jong Il.

Shameful, John.
Name: John Brian ShannonDate: 17/11/2011 21:54:31

It's a free country here (Canada) and we have the freedom to express our own opinions.

Also, you cannot legally say that Moammar Qaddaffi is a murderer - what you are saying is slander.

Until a person is legally charged with murder in a legal court of law, convicted of the charge of murder, and sentenced on the charge of murder, a person is not legally definable as a murderer.

Further to that, a person charged and convicted in a legal court of law - has the right to the full appeal process to verify their innocence. (Which after all, is what court systems are designed for - to determine guilt or innocence using things like FACTS and EVIDENCE - words which you may not be fully aware of)

It's called the legal system.

Words... actually mean something.

So, while you have wrongfully called Moammar Qaddaffi a murderer, (he was never charged and convicted, remember?) you ARE a slanderer.

Have you ever met Moammar Qaddaffi? I thought not!

You are obviously a pawn of the Western neo-con media and have believed everything you are spoon-fed.

All your decisions have been made for you by a small group of people, bent on projecting right-wing power all over the world.

Surely, even someone like you realizes that the first casualty of war - is the truth! (On both sides of any war).

Just as you so freely and without any personal knowledge what-so-ever of Moammar Qaddaffi, and without having ever met him, nor have you likely ever been to Libya, have declared Moammar Qaddaffi a murderer - I now, in that same spirit, call you a spoon-fed, moronic, self-righteous, judgmental, right-wing sycophant!!

Unlike you, I have been to Libya and yes, I have met (the now, late) Moammar Qaddaffi.

In future, try doing some actual research, before spouting off with your uninformed - and even worse - badly informed sycophantic ramblings. Shameful... on you, indeed!

And unlike you, I don't hide behind a false or incomplete name. Unlike you, I have the courage of my convictions and am not afraid to put my name to it - coward!

May God's light illuminate your path. (Better late than never)

John Brian Shannon

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