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Monday, 15 September, 2008, 20:29 ( 18:29 GMT )
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 Al-Qathafi Hails Treaty with Italy, Says Apology, Compensation are Condemnation of Colonialism 

Al-Qathafi hailed the signing of the Libyan-Italian Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation and said it was a significant accomplishment by the two countries that would, after verification, pave the way for further cooperation and a strong relationship between our two countries based on equality and mutual respect.
 Saif Al-Islam: Lockerbie Families were 'Very Greedy' 

In an interview on the same BBC2 programme, Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi, chairman of the Al-Qathafi Foundation for Human Rights accused relatives of the Lockerbie victims of being "very greedy" during negotiations over payouts for the deaths of their loved ones.
 CIA Memos Reveal Doubts Over 'Key' Lockerbie Witness 

According to previously unseen CIA cables, a Libyan by the name of Majid Giaka who was central to the CIA's investigation into the Lockerbie bombing exaggerated his importance in Libya's intelligence apparatus and gave little information of value, yet he is still living at the US taxpayers' expense in a witness protection programme.
 Tony Blair's Sister-in-law Trapped by Israel in Gaza 
The British journalist and sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday that Israel is preventing her from leaving the Gaza Strip, more than a week after she entered the territory in defiance of an Israel blockade.
 Libya's "Youth Poet", Ali Sodqi Abdulqader, Dies at 84 

The well known Libyan poet Ali Sodqi Abdulqader died at the late hours of Monday 1 September 2008 at the age of 84 at a Tripoli clinic.
 Italcementi Investment Project in Libya at Over $550m 
Italcementi said the total value of investment in a project in Libya, a joint venture between the Italian company and Libya to build a new cement plant, is between $550 million and $750 million.
 RMJM Chosen to Work on Two University Campuses in Libya 
In a press release, the Global Education Studio of RMJM, the international design firm, said it has been selected by the Organisation for the Development of Administrative Centres (ODAC) to design the two new college campuses in Libya. The new campuses, for the 7th of October University at Bani Walid and Al Asmariya University at Zliten, are part of a major expansion of higher education facilities implemented by the Ministry of Education for Libya.
 IMF: Deal on Sovereign Funds Constructive 
A top IMF official said Wednesday that a tentative agreement with major sovereign wealth funds would "help secure the global environment for effective and beneficial cross-border investing."
Opinion: Ramadan, the month of blessings
By Zainab Al-Arabi
Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar is eagerly anticipated in Libya as its arrival nears. Called the 'blessed month' and the 'generous month', it is considered to be an interval in which each adult person pauses to take stock of his or her life in general.
Opinion: Mu'ammar Al-Qathafi: The Man Behind The Name
By B.Y. Muhammad
The result of the impotence of the Arab world was seen in the stunning defeat of Arab armies in the Middle East in June 1967 during the Arab - Israeli war. Arab illusion of nationalism lay scattered with the burnt out shells of tanks in the Sinai Peninsula.
 Libya Beat Ghana to Clinch Top Group 5 Spot 
Libya beat Ghana 1-0 at the June 11 Stadium Friday night with a goal on 85 minutes to take control of Group Five in the 2010 World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

 Gaddafi Warns Rice on Establishing Military Base in Africa, Saying Africans would View It as Colonialism 
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi warned US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a meeting in Tripoli that American military bases on the African continent would be considered colonialism by Africans and the would be rejected.
 Conde Rice Shares Iftar Meal with Gaddafi, Says Meeting is Fruitful 
Rice hailed meeting with Gaddafi saying it was "very fruitful" despite some difference that could be solved as time passes. Both shared iftar meal and talked about tropical storms heading toward the US.

 Condoleezza Rice Meets Gaddafi in Tripoli 
The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has met the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Al-Qathafi in his office at Bab Al-Azizia barracks at 9:15pm local time and discussed bilateral relations and other issues of common interest.
 Berlusconi in Benghazi, Unwelcome by Son of Omar Al-Mukhtar 
Italian PM Berlusconi arrives in Libya to sign a deal to partially solve colonial era's dispute between the two countries as Omar Al-Mukhtar's son announces that the Italian PM unwelcome in Benghazi.

 Libya Celebrates the 39th Anniversary of Revolution 
On Monday, the first of September, Libya will celebrate 39 years of the September Revolution. Preparations have already taken place to commemorate the event in all cities and towns.
 3,000 Prisoners Released Including Arabs, Africans and Europeans 
The Libyan Supreme Judicial Council announced Thursday an amnesty for the total of 3,079 prisoners, including Arabs, Europeans and Africans, to mark the 39th anniversary of September Revolution.
 Gaza Blockade Protesters Set Sail Back to Cyprus 
Pro-Palestinian activists who sailed to the Gaza Strip in symbolic defiance of an Israeli blockade headed back to Cyprus on Thursday with seven residents of the besieged territory on board their two boats.
 Russia Long-range Missile Test a Success 
Russia successfully tested a long-range Topol missile designed to avoid detection by anti-missile defence systems from its Plesetsk launch site, a Russian military spokesman said on Thursday.
 Libya to Support Liberia's Economic Recovery 
As part of Libya's continuous efforts to support African countries and help them overcome economic hardship and move towards development, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Al-Qathafi reaffirmed such Libyan position during a two-day visit to Tripoli by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
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Libya to Host OPEC Summit in 2012
Libya is to host the OPEC summit for the year 2012 as a result of a decision adopted by the summit on Sunday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.OPEC members will also discuss the dollar issue at the Dec. 5 meeting in Abu Dhabi.
ADCB Awarded “The Bank of the Year” in the Middle East
The award received by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) for its achievements set a clear example to other institutions in the Arab world to do the same with regard to ambitious plans for re-invention, expansion and growth.

COMESA Steps Towards Customs Union
Libya's hard and continued effort to make African countries enter into a meaningful union that can lead the whole continent towards economic development and progress seem to be bring results at least at regional levels.
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