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24 Apr 2008 - 26 Apr 2013
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Research reports
The Research and Learning Group is a leader in the field of media and international development research. To date, the Research & Learning Group has delivered research in 22 languages across 39 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. More about the work of the Research & Learning Group
The Research & Learning Group (R&L) is an international group of research professionals from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the UK, who have been recruited and trained by the BBC World Service Trust to specialise in media and audience research.  Read more
Survey of attitudes to sexual matters in Cambodia
This study provides information about young Cambodians' attitudes in regard to sexual matters, as well as more detail about how widespread certain sexual practices are.  Read more
Dissemination series
In October 2006, we published our first series of research reports on using communications as a tool for development. A fifth paper in the dissemination series was published in March 2007.   Read more
Elections training for journalists in Yemen
We delivered an extensive training programme for journalists ahead of the local and presidential elections in Yemen in September 2006. To test the effectiveness of the initiative, the Research & Learning Group used content analysis to measure the influence of the training on participants and their organisations.  Read more
African Media Development Initiative (AMDI)
This initiative was the most extensive independent survey of the state of the media across 17 sub-Saharan African countries.  Read more
Sierra Leone elections 2007 survey
The Research and Learning Group carried out a survey of 2,600 18 to 59 year-olds across eight districts/areas of Sierra Leone during February and March 2007. The findings were presented in two separate research reports.   Read more
Using media to combat sex-selective abortion
Sex selection and the abortion of foetuses because they are female is an increasing problem in India. This reports looks at the feasability of harnessing the power of mass media to promote gender equality and reduce practices of sex.  Read more
Voices of Burma
In 2003, we launched the radio drama, 'Thabyegone Ywa' (Eugenia Tree Village), in Burma. Health and social themes were interwoven with entertaining storylines, raising awareness and stimulating debate.   Read more
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