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Riksbank grants liquidity assistance to Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB
08/10/2008 The Riksbank has decided to provide liquidity assistance on special terms with a loan of up to five billion krona to Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB. The loan may be used to pay both depositors with accounts in Kaupthing Bank hf, Iceland, Swedish office (Kaupthing Edge) and depositors and other creditors of Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB.    Read more
Changed collateral requirement for credit in RIX
08/10/2008 The Riksbank has decided to change the requirements for collateral in the RIX payment system. The decision means that the limit of 75 per cent, applying to the share of covered bonds issued by the borrower or by an institution with close links to the borrower that can be used as collateral in the payment system is now removed. The decision comes into force immediately.  Read more
Wickman-Parak: Is there a typical business cycle?
07/10/2008 “Following the recent turbulence in the financial markets it can easily be forgotten that there are also elements of a “normal” slowdown in economic activity on this occasion, too. Even before the financial crisis took a serious hold in summer 2007 it was possible to see in the Riksbank’s and other analysts’ forecasts that a slowdown in economic activity was expected both in Sweden and abroad”, says Barbo Wickman-Parak in a speech at Nordea today.    Read more
Updated questions and answers on the financial turmoil
06/10/2008 The Riksbank has compiled a number of questions and answers to explain our role in dealing with the prevailing financial turmoil. The page is updated with questions and answers about the new Swedish kronor loan facility.  Read more
Terms for the Riksbank's six-month loans in SEK as of 8 October 2008
Riksbank lends SEK 60 billion over three months
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17/10/2008 09:00
Executive Board meeting
22/10/2008 09:00
Executive Board monetary policy meeting, No 5
23/10/2008 09:30
Monetary Policy Report 2008:3 published and the repo rate decision from the monetary policy meeting in 22 October is announced
24/10/2008 13:00
General Council meeting
05/11/2008 09:00
Executive Board meeting

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Applies from Wednesday, 10 September 2008. Next monetary policy meeting will be 22 October 2008.
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Asset management at the Riksbank
Sveriges Riksbank is Sweden’s central bank and a public authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament.  The Riksbank is responsible for conducting monetary policy, the objective of which is to maintain a low and stable level of inflation. The Bank also has the task of ensuring that payments in the economy can be made safely and efficiently.
Financial turbulence - the Riksbank's response
The Riksbank has taken a number of actions as a result of the current financial turbulence. This page contains links to the information that we have published in connection with this.Read more
How do house prices affect the economy?
Changes in the housing market have only a small effect on inflation and GDP. However, the effects on monetary policy are reinforced by the fact that houses are used as collateral for mortgages. These are some of the conclusions reached by Peter Sellin and Karl Walentin in the Economic Commentary ”House prices and the economy”. Read more
Guided tour of the building
At Brunkebergstorg 11, in the heart of Stockholm, lies the Riksbank building clad in black granite. The building, designed by architect Peter Celsing, was inaugurated on 8 April 1976. Read more
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