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Wednesday, 15 October, 2008, 17:43 ( 15:43 GMT )
President Wade of Senegal Concludes Visit to Libya
The President of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade concluding an official two-day visit to Libya on Wednesday during which he held talks with the Leader of the Revolution.
GPC Sets Date for BPCs Meetings
The General People's Congress (GPC) issued a decree on Wednesday setting the date for meetings of Basic People's Congresses (BPCs).
Leader Receives Italian Politicocultural Delegation
The Leader of the Revolution received on Tuesday tonight a large delegation of Italian political and cultural dignitaries who were honored in Tripoli for their contribution to the Friendship treaty signed by Libya and Italy last month.

Libya Makes "Down Payment" to Libyan and US Victims of Terrorism, Report
Libya has started making payments into a $1.8 billion fund to compensate the families of Libyans who were killed by American air strikes on Libya in 1986 and American victims of alleged terror attacks in the 1980s.
Carter, Tutu in, Brahimi Make Peace in Cyprus
Nobel peace laureates ex-US president Jimmy Carter and anti-apartheid campaigner Desmond Tutu arrived in Cyprus on Wednesday to back UN-brokered efforts to reunite the Mediterranean island.
Repsol, Total are Facing Libya's Oil Case
Two of Europe's biggest energy groups, Repsol YPF and Total, were implicated on Tuesday in an alleged Libyan bribery scheme after a report for Norway's Hydro found mistakes in paying consultants to secure oil fields in the country, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.
US Opens Trade Office in Tripoli
The United States has opened a trade office in Libya to boost economic ties with the oil-rich state, the official JANA news agency reported on Monday.
OPEC to Hold Emergency Meeting on Nov. 18, Libya Says All Options are Open
The OPEC oil producers' cartel announced Thursday it would hold an emergency meeting in Vienna on November 18, as member countries worried over the effects of the global financial crisis on crude prices.
Opinion: Filling the Void
By Zainab Al-Arabi
It doesn't seem like a year has passed since we were discussing how schools -and teaching- should be improved. One step we know now is going to be implemented is the new Singaporean Maths and Science curriculum for some schoolchildren in certain grades.
Sirte Oil Co. Strikes Oil in Ghadames Basin
Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Sirte Oil Company discovered oil in Libya's Ghadames Basin.
Opinion: The Oasis in the Desert
By Mohammad Azeemullah
Our journey in the pursuit of the greener pastures, in the hallucination of a better life for the future to the dream land started with a pang of separation in India. A queer feeling of pain and gloom which was pre-supposed to linger for a period of one year of stay continued to haunt.
Philippine Embassy in Tripoli Brings Filipinos Together, Distributes Prizes of Holy Qur'an Contest
A Qur'an Reading Contest was opened by H.E. Bayani V. Mangibin, Philippine Ambassador to Libya, assisted by Sheikh Abdulfattah Shaqroon of the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) and one of the Imams of the Maulai Mohammad Mosque, the largest mosque in Tripoli.
Nobel Literature Prize Goes to France's Le Clezio
French author Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, whose vast world travels form the poetic and descriptive backdrop for his body of work, on Thursday won the 2008 Nobel Literature Prize.
Libyans, Most Muslim Countries Celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Tuesday
Libyans and Muslims around the world celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Tuesday which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
Russian Warships to Visit Med. Countries Including Libya
A number of Russian worships led by the nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser Peter the Great will be calling at a number of Mediterranean ports this week including Tripoli, a Russian navy spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday.
Opinion: Filling the Void
   By Zainab Al-Arabi
Opinion: The Oasis in the    Desert
   By Mohammad Azeemullah
Opinion: Surrendering to    Reality
   By Morgan Strong
Opinion: Rebuilding the    Mediterranean
   By Belhassen Trabelsi
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 President Wade of Senegal Concludes Visit to Libya 
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Interview: OBG's Team in Libya Says, Despite Some Hurdles, Country is Moving Ahead on the Road of Development
In an interview with Oxford Business Group team in Tripoli including Ms. Jana Treeck, Country Director, and Mr. Mark De Vries, Editorial Manager for OBG Libya, both made it clear that Libya indeed is moving ahead on the road of development and the future looks rather bright. They spoke of huge opportunities for investment in various fields, especially in the banking and construction sectors. Here are excerpts of the interview:
Conde Rice Shares Iftar Meal with Gaddafi, Says Meeting is Fruitful
Rice hailed meeting with Gaddafi saying it was "very fruitful" despite some difference that could be solved as time passes. Both shared iftar meal and talked about tropical storms heading toward the US.

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