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29/09/2008Terms for the Riksbank's loans in US dollars
29/09/2008Riksbank announces new swap facility in US dollars
26/09/2008Updated questions and answers on the financial turmoil
25/09/2008Financial market statistics including money supply, August 2008. Press release on Statistics Sweden’s website
24/09/2008Financial turbulence, monetary policy and inflation
24/09/2008Central Banks Announce Swap Facilities with U.S. Federal Reserve
22/09/2008Changed collateral requirements for credit in RIX
19/09/2008Some reflections on the current situation
18/09/2008Measures to facilitate market functioning
17/09/2008Interest rate decision not unanimous
16/09/2008Summary from the informal ECOFIN meeting
04/09/2008Repo rate raised to 4.75 per cent
01/09/2008The Swedish Financial Market 2008
29/08/2008Special minting of the 1-krona coin in 2009
28/08/2008New calendar information regarding spring 2009
27/08/2008Riksbank increases size of monetary policy repo
26/08/2008Riksbank reallocates gold and foreign exchange reserves
21/08/2008The economic situation
15/08/2008The Riksbank is not chasing inflation spectres
12/08/2008IMF´s annual review of the Swedish economy
16/07/2008Unanimous decision by the Executive Board to increase the repo rate, but disagreement about the repo rate path
03/07/2008Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.5 per cent
18/06/2008Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2008:2
16/06/2008EU cooperation on financial stability and crisis management strengthened through new agreement
13/06/2008The decision-making process and monetary policy deliberations
09/06/2008The Riksbank to phase out the CPIX inflation measure
03/06/2008Financial stability is satisfactory but the risks have increased
02/06/2008European Central Bank 10th anniversary
02/06/2008Sweden publishes the IMF’s statement on the Swedish economy
30/05/2008The current situation and monetary policy
28/05/2008It costs to pay!
21/05/2008Nyberg: The financial crisis - developments in recent months and some lessons learnt
19/05/2008Ingves: The need for a strengthened insolvency and resolution framework for banks – A central banker’s perspective
16/05/2008The Riksbank enters into a swap facility with Sedlabanki Íslands
14/05/2008Wickman-Parak: The Riksbank and the property market
10/05/2008RIX payment system now operating normally
10/05/2008Disruptions in the RIX system resolved
09/05/2008Rosenberg: Rising commodity prices
08/05/2008Öberg: Monetary policy and the situation in the Swedish economy
07/05/2008Updated communication policy for the Riksbank
07/05/2008Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 22 April 2008
05/05/2008New Working Paper: The Monetary Policy Decision-Making Process and the Term Structure of Interest Rates by Hans Dillén
28/04/2008Ingves: Policy rate setting and the monetary policy steering system
23/04/2008Repo rate unchanged at 4.25 per cent
15/04/2008Summary from the International Monetary Fund’s spring meeting on 12 April
11/04/2008Summary from the informal ECOFIN meeting on 4-5 April
11/04/2008The IMF should sharpen its tools
07/04/2008Dividend paid to the Treasury for 2007
31/03/2008Sveriges Riksbank is arranging a Seminar on Monetary Policy Communication today on 31 March
13/03/2008Ingves: Can the authorities manage crises in the financial system?
12/03/2008Commemorative coin to celebrate Selma Lagerlöf
11/03/2008New international measures to address liquidity pressures in funding markets
11/03/2008Rosenberg: Current monetary policy – a difficult balancing act
06/03/2008More features on the Riksbank’s website
04/03/2008Nyberg: Economic activity and the property market
04/03/2008www.riksbank.se has had a facelift!
03/03/2008Rosenberg: Monetary policy and commodity and energy prices
27/02/2008Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2008:1
26/02/2008Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
25/02/2008Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 12 February 2008
21/02/2008Ingves: Monetary policy with an inflation target
13/02/2008New calendar information regarding autumn 2008
13/02/2008Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
08/02/2008General Council's decision on allocation of net income
08/02/2008The Riksbank shall be adequately capitalised
08/02/2008New forms for issuing commemorative coins
05/02/2008Nyberg: Cash and payments – what lies ahead?
04/02/2008Nyberg: The US mortgage crisis and the financial turmoil
29/01/2008Öberg: Monetary policy and productivity
28/01/2008Nyberg: Hedge funds and the recent financial turmoil
10/01/2008Jens Henriksson, Executive Director for the Nordic-Baltic Countries on the IMF Board
08/01/2008Separate minutes of the Executive Board, meeting on 18 December 2007
02/01/2008Exchange of EU payment
19/12/2007Repo rate held unchanged at 4 per cent
13/12/2007Changed collateral requirements for credits in RIX
12/12/2007International measures to meet liquidity needs
04/12/2007Financial stability is sound, but the risks have grown
03/12/2007Conclusion IMF seminar
26/11/2007Öberg: The Riksbank's forecasting performance
22/11/2007Nyberg: The financial market turmoil
16/11/2007Prize for designing a commemorative coin
15/11/2007Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
14/11/2007Governor Stefan Ingves presents a prize for the best design of a commemorative coin to be issued in 2008.
13/11/2007Mint of Finland Ltd – new supplier of circulation coins
13/11/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board, meeting on 29 October 2007
08/11/2007UND1X changes its name to CPIX
07/11/2007Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review no. 3 2007
30/10/2007Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 4 per cent
15/10/2007Economics prize is awarded to Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Maskin, and Roger Myerson
12/10/2007The employee survey in 2007
08/10/2007Rosenberg: Monetary policy and the Riksbank’s communication
05/10/2007The Costs of Paying – Private and Social Costs of Cash and Card Payments
03/10/2007Wickman-Parak: The Riksbank and monetary policy – perspectives on interest rate forecasts
28/09/2007Riksbank reallocates gold and foreign currency reserves
24/09/2007Ingves: Monetary policy, openness and financial markets
21/09/2007Svensson: What have economists learned about monetary policy over the past 50 years?
20/09/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 6 September 2007
13/09/2007Nyberg: Monetary and Financial Stability from a Central Bank perspective
07/09/2007Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 3.75 per cent
07/09/2007Repo rate path after each monetary policy meeting
05/09/2007Nyberg: Global turbulence and the Swedish fixed income market
01/09/2007Ingves: Ingves: Housing and Monetary Policy - a view from an Inflation Targeting Central Bank
22/08/2007Svensson: Monetary policy and the interest rate path
15/08/2007The Riksbank publishes The Swedish Financial Market 2007
14/08/2007Wickman-Parak: The Riksbank and monetary policy
23/07/2007Ingves: Regulatory challenges of cross-border banking: Possible ways forward
04/07/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 19 June 2007
29/06/2007Economic Review No. 2 2007
20/06/2007Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
15/06/2007Gernandt: How new Riksbank Governors are appointed
13/06/2007Riksbank's historical collections transferred to Royal Coin Cabinet
08/06/2007Ingves: The relationship between the Swedish Riksbank and the Riksdag
08/06/2007Rosenberg: Monetary policy with our own interest rate path
07/06/2007Öberg: Productivity and monetary policy
31/05/2007Rosenberg: The Riksbank and monetary policy
30/05/2007Nyberg: Developments in the property market
28/05/2007Ingves: The Riksbank and the Swedish economy
25/05/2007Nyberg: Challenges in monetary policy
24/05/2007Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
22/05/2007Rosenberg: Monetary policy and the labour market
18/05/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 3 May 2007
15/05/2007Ingves: Is there an optimal way to structure supervision?
14/05/2007Riksbank issues coin to commemorate birth of Carl von Linné
11/05/2007Rosenberg: Changes in monetary policy communication
10/05/2007Sophie Degenne new head of Market Operations Department
09/05/2007Britta von Schoultz new Chief Press Officer
04/05/2007Repo rate kept unchanged at 3.25 per cent
26/04/2007Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank end their Primary dealership in the foreign exchange market
25/04/2007New Deputy Riksbank Governors - Lars E.O. Svensson and Barbro Wickman-Parak
24/04/2007Ingves: Communication - what demands are made of an independent central bank?
19/04/2007Öberg: Increased financial integration - future challenges
18/04/2007Öberg: Current monetary policy
16/04/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 29 March 2007
04/04/2007Economic Review no. 1 2007
03/04/2007New structure for cash handling
30/03/2007Repo rate kept unchanged at 3.25 per cent
29/03/2007First Deputy Governor Eva Srejber leaves the Riksbank
29/03/2007Annual Report 2006
14/03/2007Ingves: The interest rate path and monetary policy
13/03/2007Nyberg: Credit derivatives - risks and opportunities
12/03/2007Srejber: Integration of financial services has come a long way in Europe
28/02/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 14 February
23/02/2007New calendar information regarding autumn 2007
23/02/2007Inflation target remains, but methods can be further developed
23/02/2007General Council proposes changes in Sveriges Riksbank Act
22/02/2007Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
16/02/2007New head of the IT Department
15/02/2007Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 3.25 per cent
12/02/2007General Council's decision on allocation of net income
12/02/2007The Riksbank's Annual Report 2006
05/02/2007Rosenberg: Current monetary policy
01/02/2007Commemorative coin issue in 2008
19/01/2007Ingves: Swedish experiences of monetary policy with an inflation target
17/01/2007Changes in the Calendar
17/01/2007Rosenberg: Riksbank to introduce own path for the repo rate
16/01/2007Mattias Persson new Head of Financial Stability Department
12/01/2007Financial Stability Forum holds meeting at the Riksbank
12/01/2007Persson: Monetary policy - experiences and thoughts on the future
02/01/2007Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 14 December
20/12/2006Value of direct investments rose in 2005
18/12/2006Sveriges Riksbank and central banks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania sign MoU
18/12/2006Öberg: The Riksbank and the wage bargaining rounds
18/12/2006Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review no. 3 2006
15/12/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
13/12/2006Nyberg: The Riksbank's cooperation with Sida
05/12/2006Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
30/11/2006Ingves: Comments on ”An evaluation of Swedish monetary policy 1995-2005”
28/11/2006Rosenberg: The current economic situation
28/11/2006Assessment of monetary policy
24/11/2006Nyberg: Are hedge funds dangerous?
15/11/2006Ingves: the development of a modern financial sector in Sweden
15/11/2006Ingves: Inflation targeting - the Swedish framework and experiences
15/11/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 25 October
10/11/2006Workshop on exchange rate determination
06/11/2006Nyberg: The Riksbank and the property market
03/11/2006Ingves: Banking reforms
01/11/2006Swedish portfolio holdings 2005
27/10/2006The Cash Management Advisory Board's second meeting
26/10/2006Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
26/10/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
20/10/2006This year's second report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 3
19/10/2006Johan Gernandt appointed new Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank
18/10/2006Srejber: Vulnerabilities in the modern payment system
16/10/2006Ingves: Cross-border banking regulation – a way forward: The European case
12/10/2006Ingves: The economic situation
11/10/2006Issuing of commemorative coins in 2007
11/10/2006Kai Barvèll new head of General Secretariat
09/10/2006The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2006
09/10/2006Persson: Pensions, globalisation and the current economic situation
05/10/2006Öberg: The Riksbank and the Swedish economy
29/09/2006Riksbank reallocates gold and foreign currency reserves
27/09/2006Ingves: Sound government finances and low inflation - the road to success!
26/09/2006Srejber: Greater budgetary discipline in the EU through transparency and national ownership
18/09/2006Rosenberg: Monetary policy in Sweden
14/09/2006Nyberg: The Riksbank's monetary policy strategy
13/09/2006Persson: The current economic situation
12/09/2006Ingves: Financial crises in an international perspective
12/09/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 29 August
08/09/2006General Council comments on Kristina Persson's decision
08/09/2006Deputy Governor Kristina Persson not available for reappointment to Executive Board
07/09/2006New calendar information regarding spring 2007
07/09/2006150th anniversary of Swedish railways - new commemorative coin
31/08/2006Riksbank hosts international research conference on the governance of central banks
30/08/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
17/08/2006Srejber: Frameworks and stabilisation policy in a monetary union
13/07/2006Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review no. 2 2006
03/07/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 19 June
28/06/2006Srejber - Should monetary policy subdue inflated high debts and asset prices in an inflation-targeting regime?
21/06/2006Book on the history of the Riksbank
20/06/2006Message regarding technical problems
20/06/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
16/06/2006Presentation of this year’s second Inflation Report
13/06/2006Ingves: Can regional financial sector assessments provide additional values to the EU countries?
08/06/2006Rosenberg: The Riksbank's forecasts and current monetary policy
31/05/2006Riksbank presents new report on financial stability
30/05/2006Öberg: The Swedish economy and monetary policy
26/05/2006Presentation of this years first Financial Stability report
23/05/2006Ingves: The Riksbank and monetary policy
19/05/2006Nyberg: The Riksbank's monetary policy strategy
19/05/2006Riksbank publishes summary description of monetary policy strategy
12/05/2006Srejber: Are we ready to deal with a cross-border banking crisis in Europe?
12/05/2006Persson: Monetary policy and the labour market
11/05/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 27 April
03/05/2006Persson: Globalisation, imbalances and possible ways forward
03/05/2006Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review No. 1 2006
28/04/2006Repo rate held unchanged at 2 per cent
27/04/2006Extended redemption period for old banknotes
26/04/2006Ingves: Cash management - an important social issue
25/04/2006Srejber: How the Riksbank's financial assets are managed
21/04/2006Riksbank changes currency allocation
19/04/2006Rosenberg: The Riksbank’s inflation targeting policy – the significance of the new interest rate assumption
04/04/2006Ingves: The inflation target and monetary policy
31/03/2006No. 192. Swedish Intervention and the Krona Float, 1993-2002
30/03/2006Rosenberg: Assessment of monetary policy
27/03/2006Nyberg: Financial reforms and financial crises - Swedish experiences
21/03/2006Nyberg: The framework of modern central banking
21/03/2006Öberg: Sweden – a low inflation economy
16/03/2006Rosenberg: Some questions regarding current monetary policy
15/03/2006Riksbank gathers agents in cash management field to form cash management advisory board
15/03/2006New, more secure banknotes
10/03/2006Decision on three Inflation Reports a year
08/03/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 22 February
06/03/2006Riksbank to introduce new, more secure 50 and 1,000-krona banknotes
23/02/2006Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
23/02/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
17/02/2006Pernilla Meyersson new Director of Communications
17/02/2006This year's first report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 1
14/02/2006Rosenberg: The objective of monetary policy
13/02/2006General Council’s decision on allocation of net income
13/02/2006The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2005
06/02/2006Ingves: The Riksbank's role in the economy
03/02/2006Decision on distribution of work within the Executive Board
02/02/2006Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 19 January
20/01/2006Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves will hold his first speech on 6 February
20/01/2006Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
17/01/2006Report on housing finance in the global financial market
13/01/2006Rosenberg: Monetary policy and the economy
02/01/2006Exchange of EU payment
15/12/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 1 december
14/12/2005Economic Review no. 4 2005
06/12/2005Commemorative coin issue in 2006
05/12/2005New system for publication
02/12/2005Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
28/11/2005Riksbank initiates cooperation with external researchers on exchange rate determinants
25/11/2005Bergström: Bright prospects for Swedish economy
25/11/2005Presentation of this years fourth Inflation Report
23/11/2005The Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
22/11/2005Bergström: The labour market and wage formation
18/11/2005Presentation of this year’s second Financial Stability Report
17/11/2005Swiss National Bank Governor Jean-Pierre Roth visits the Riksbank
17/11/2005Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review, special Dag Hammarskjöld edition
16/11/2005Heikensten: The current economic situation
14/11/2005Professor Kenneth Rogoff visits Riksbank
11/11/2005Rosenberg: The property market, the economic situation and monetary policy
10/11/2005Heikensten: Swedish banks in an international perspective
09/11/2005Persson: Monetary policy yesterday, today and tomorrow
08/11/2005Direct investment in Sweden and abroad
31/10/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting in 19 October
28/10/2005Heikensten: Monetary policy and the academics
20/10/2005Heikensten: Introduction on monetary policy
20/10/2005Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
18/10/2005Srejber: A unified Europe - opportunities and risks
14/10/2005Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer visits Riksbank
14/10/2005Heikensten: Monetary policy in Sweden and the United States
14/10/2005This year's second report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 3
13/10/2005Heikensten: The economic situation and inflation
12/10/2005No. 191. Forecast combination and model averaging using predictive measures
11/10/2005General Council's comments on Villy Bergström’s decision to step down
11/10/2005Deputy Governor Villy Bergström’s comment on his decision to step down
11/10/2005Stefan Ingves new Riksbank Governor, Svante Öberg new Deputy Governor and Lars Nyberg re-appointed Deputy Governor
11/10/2005Persson: The property market and the current economic situation
07/10/2005Heikensten: Risks and financial stability
07/10/2005Riksbank issues commemorative coin to mark the 150th anniversary of Sweden’s first postage stamp
05/10/2005Srejber: Low interest rates and narrow credit spreads – a conflicting story?
29/09/2005General Council comments on Lars Heikensten’s decision
29/09/2005Lars Heikensten has decided to step down
29/09/2005Rosenberg: The Riksbank and monetary policy
23/09/2005The Riksbank concludes agreement with Swedish banks on cash management
15/09/2005Nyberg: Financing of deposit insurance – a central banker's perspective
12/09/2005New calendar information regarding spring 2006
12/09/2005Seperate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 23 August
09/09/2005The Riksbank reallocates its gold and foreign exchange reserves
07/09/2005Riksbank issues commemorative coin minted in gold and silver to mark 100th anniversary of Dag Hammarskjöld's birth
01/09/2005Swedish portfolio holdings 2004
25/08/2005Nyberg: Households increasing their debts and house prices continuing to rise
24/08/2005Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
05/07/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting in 20 June
29/06/2005Notes and coins equivalent to SEK 5 billion to become invalid at year-end
21/06/2005Repo rate cut 0.50 percentage points
17/06/2005Presentation of this year's second Inflation Report
16/06/2005Riksbank to issue commemorative coins in gold and silver
15/06/2005Rosenberg: Surprisingly weak growth dampening inflation outlook
10/06/2005Heikensten: Conference on inflation targeting: implementation, communication and effectiveness – opening remarks
09/06/2005Kenneth Rogoff new adviser to Riksbank
08/06/2005Heikensten: The IMF – Mandate, Means and Governance in a Changing World
03/06/2005Inauguration of Tumba Bruk museum on 4 June
03/06/2005Invitation to press meeting with ECB Vice-President Lucas Papademos and central bank governors Leszek Balcerowicz and Lars Heikensten
31/05/2005Heikensten: Incoming data important
30/05/2005Bergström: Is the present low inflation rate a problem?
26/05/2005Bergström: Monetary policy is not the solution to the unemployment problem
26/05/2005Tumba Bruk 250th anniversary - commemorative banknote issued today
25/05/2005Sweden publishes IMF´s Statement on the Swedish Economy
24/05/2005Heikensten: The Riksbank and stabilisation policy
24/05/2005Srejber: Stimulatory economic policy bolstering growth
24/05/2005Persson: Why is inflation so low? The example of the retail sector
19/05/2005Nyberg: The Riksbank and the inflation target
19/05/2005The Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
18/05/2005Professor Martin Feldstein, President of the NBER, to visit the Riksbank
17/05/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 28 April
13/05/2005Srejber: The divorce between macro financial stability and micro supervisory responsibility: are we now in for a more stable life?
13/05/2005Presentation of this years first Financial Stability report
02/05/2005Commemorative banknote – 250th anniversary of Tumba Bruk paper mill
29/04/2005Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
14/04/2005Srejber: Unusual market rate developments
13/04/2005Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2005:1
13/04/2005Rosenberg: Why is Swedish inflation so low?
11/04/2005Persson: What will happen with employment in an increasingly globalised world?
07/04/2005Comment with regard to the Riksdag Committee on Finance’s planned evaluation of monetary policy
05/04/2005Bergström: The Riksbank influences future inflation, not current inflation
04/04/2005Heikensten: Economic outlook broadly unchanged
01/04/2005Executive Board to visit Jämtland
01/04/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 14 March
16/03/2005Srejber: The role of asset prices and credit in an inflation targeting policy
15/03/2005Heikensten: Introduction on monetary policy
15/03/2005Repo rate held unchanged at 2 per cent
11/03/2005This year's first report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 1
08/03/2005Persson: Globalisation contributing to low
24/02/2005Rosenberg: Continuing robust economic activity and low inflation
22/02/2005Heikensten:Thoughts on how to develop the Riksbank’s monetary policy work
21/02/2005Professor Axel A Weber President of the Deutsche Bundesbank to visit Riksbank
18/02/2005Moderate increase in direct investment assets
18/02/2005Persson: Monetary policy in a low-inflation economy
14/02/2005General Council’s decision on allocation of net income
14/02/2005Riksbank's Annual Report 2004
11/02/2005Nyberg: Households' growing debt burden no problem for the banks
10/02/2005Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 27 January
03/02/2005Economic Review no. 4, 2004
28/01/2005Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
27/01/2005Tumba Bruk celebrates 250 years
25/01/2005Nyberg: Prices and Costs in the Swedish Payment Market
21/01/2005Heikensten: Low inflation, but outlook remains largely the same
18/01/2005Bergström: Investment in Sweden instead of capital export
18/01/2005The Riksbank reallocates its gold and foreign currency reserves
17/01/2005Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa from the ECB to visit Stockholm
03/01/2005Exchange of EU payment
22/12/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 8 December
21/12/2004Issuing of commemorative coins in 2005
17/12/2004Survey of the general public’s knowledge of the Riksbank
17/12/2004Swedish portfolio holdings 2003
17/12/2004New distribution of work in the Executive Board
15/12/2004Bergström: High unemployment not due to monetary policy
15/12/2004Heikensten: Stability and Growth Pact needs reinforcement
09/12/2004Jean-Claude Trichet visits Stockholm
09/12/2004Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
02/12/2004Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
30/11/2004Heikensten: Minor changes to the inflation outlook
17/11/2004Rosenberg: Economic outlook is unchanged
16/11/2004Heikensten: The Riksbank and risks in the financial system
11/11/2004Nyberg: The mortgage market from a Riksbank perspective
11/11/2004Srejber: The power of transparency for macroeconomic discipline
10/11/2004Nyberg: The securities market today and tomorrow
09/11/2004Information on Riksdag decision to declare some older banknotes and coins invalid
08/11/2004Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2004:3
04/11/2004Bergström: Is the Riksbank to blame for unemployment?
01/11/2004Rosenberg: Monetary policy and the conditions for growth
27/10/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 13 October
25/10/2004Riksbank alters management forms
21/10/2004Srejber: Is there reason for confidence in the future of the economy?
20/10/2004ECB publishes convergence report
14/10/2004Heikensten: Introduction on monetary policy
14/10/2004Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
11/10/2004The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2004
08/10/2004Updated calendar
08/10/2004This year's second report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 3
01/10/2004The Riksbank takes over the activities in Svensk Kontantförsörjning AB
01/10/2004Riksbank issues coins to mark 250th anniversary of Royal Palace in Stockholm
28/09/2004Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish foreign exchange and derivatives markets
23/09/2004Persson: Small and medium-sized enterprises not disadvantaged by Basel II
20/09/2004Rosenberg: Monetary policy, house prices and household indebtedness
20/09/2004Heikensten:The economic situation and monetary policy
20/09/2004Srejber: New EU countries - opportunities and risks
13/09/2004Persson: Structural reforms important for employment
02/09/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 19 August
26/08/2004Nyberg: How do conflicts of interest in universal banking emerge and what are the arguments for a separation of commercial and investment banking?
20/08/2004Decision on continued efficiency improvements in cash management
20/08/2004Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
16/08/2004Heikensten: Inflation outlook remains unchanged on the whole
12/08/2004Primary dealer agreement with Deutsche Bank AG, London
12/07/2004Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2004:2
08/07/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 23 June
02/07/2004Opinion on the Long-term Planning Commission’s report (SOU 2004:19)
30/06/2004Extra Executive Board meeting
30/06/2004Srejber: What role do asset prices and credit play in monetary policy
24/06/2004New capital injection to Pengar i Sverige AB prior to liquidation
24/06/2004The Swedish Financial Market 2004
24/06/2004The Riksbank investigating premature publication of interest rate decision
24/06/2004Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
15/06/2004Riksbank decides to issue commemorative coin and note
11/06/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 27 May 2004
04/06/2004Economic activity and housing finance in Sweden
03/06/2004Bergström: Risk of ’golden parenthesis’ for the Swedish economy
03/06/2004Correction of error in the calendar, monetary policy meeting on the 23 June
02/06/2004Securitas Värde AB cancels agreement to take over Pengar i Sverige AB
02/06/2004Executive Board to meet in Härnösand
02/06/2004Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
28/05/2004Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
24/05/2004New website for the Riksbank
19/05/2004Executive Board appoints new department heads
19/05/2004Sweden publishes IMF's Statement on the Swedish Economy
19/05/2004The Riksbank is launching a new website
17/05/2004Heikensten: Assessment of economic activity and inflation prospects remains unchanged
12/05/2004Nyberg: The economic situation and the property market
12/05/2004Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 28 April 2004
12/05/2004Bergström: Monetary policy and economic stability
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