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08 May 2006 - 19 Apr 2012
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Asset management at the Riksbank
The Riksbank manages assets totalling some SEK 200 billion. These are assets that the Riksbank should be able to use to implement monetary policy, buy or sell currency on the foreign exchange market and to provide emergency liquidity assistance to banks if needed. The Riksbank also provides loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which in turn lends money to various developing countries.
The assets are managed so that the Riksbank can always fulfil its tasks and commitments. Moreover, just like any asset manager, the asset management department endeavours to ensure that the return on the assets will be as high as possible in relation to the risk taken.
The Riksbank’s assets can be divided into the foreign exchange reserve, the gold reserve, monetary policy assets, receivables from the IMF and other financial assets.
The currency allocation of the foreign exchange reserve (1)
(1) The codes in the diagram are abbreviations of the following currencies: USD – US dollar; EUR – euro; GBP – pound sterling; CAD – Canadian dollar; AUD – Australian dollar; and NOK – Norwegian kronor.

Asset Management Department

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