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Small increase of the inflation rate
Swedish consumer prices increased by 1.0% from August to September 2008, just as they did during the same period last year. The increase is mainly due to a normal seasonal pattern on clothing. The inflation rate increased to 4.4% in September (4.3 in August). The CPI for September 2008 is 305.08 (1980=100).
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New orders for Swedish industry down in August
According to preliminary estimates, new orders decreased by 8.3 percent from July to August. New orders for the last three months (June-August) increased by 2.8 percent compared to the preceding three months (March-May).
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Swedish men to take parental leave more often
Swedish fathers take more parental leave than men in other Nordic countries. They take 21 percent of their parental leave, while Finns, Danes, and Norwegians take between 6 and 11 percent. 
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Births among foreign-born women also affected
by labour market status
Both natives and foreign-born women are less likely to have their first child when not in the labour force. This also applies to men, with one exception: foreign-born men that immigrate from the EU, other Nordic countries or countries with a high Human Development Index.
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Stagnating GDP growth
and rising inflation
GDP was unchanged during the second quarter of 2008. This has not happened since the second quarter of 2003.
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Economic activity unchanged
in August
The Activity Index measures the activity in the Swedish economy and was nearly unchanged in August 2008. The change in the trend was 0.1 percent in August, which corresponds to an annual rate of 0.7 percent.
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Swedish production decreased
in August
According to preliminary estimates, total industrial production decreased (NACE C+D) by 1.7 percent in August compared to July. The industrial production increased by 0.5 percent from March-May to June-August.
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Enterprises purchase computer and telecom equipment
for SEK 28.7 billion
Enterprises purchased SEK 28.7 billion worth of computer and telecommunications equipment in 2007. Enterprises in the fields of transport, storage and communication accounted for over a third of this amount.
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Half of the students in compulsory school receive remedial instruction
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Unemployment 5.2%
(August 2008)
Population 9 223 766
(31 July 2008)
Consumer prices 4.4 %
(September 2008 compared with September 2007)
(Q2 2008 compared with Q2 2007)
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