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10 Dec 2005 - 10 Oct 2010
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Advertising on banknotes and coins
According to §5, Chapter 5 of the Sveriges Riksbank Act, banknotes and coins that have been altered or tampered with may not be distributed.
The reason for forbidding the distribution of such notes and coins is that coins issued by the Riksbank have been altered by a third party for the purposes of advertising. The distribution of such coins should be prevented.
It is important that it should be difficult to forge banknotes and coins and easy to verify their authenticity and that they do not lose their characteristic features and can be easily identified. Coins used for advertising purposes risk impairing these characteristic features. A further reason for the ban on distributing banknotes and coins altered for the purpose of advertising is the risk that the Riksbank will be associated with the message of the advertising so that it may be wrongly perceived that the Riksbank supports or has instigated the message of the advertising.
The Riksbank has the right to impose fines on anyone who has significantly contributed to such prohibited distribution.
The Sveriges Riksbank Act

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