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29 Aug 2008 - 20 Aug 2013
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Normalising condoms in India
Approximately 2.5 million people are living with HIV in India. We are producing public service advertising to promote condom use in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Start date: 2006
End date: 2009
Media types: advertisements on television, radio, cinema, outdoor media and print
Issue: health
Country: India
Making condoms acceptable
It's a sign of manhood... but it's not a moustache
The focus of the campaign is to get men talking about condoms. Research shows that men who talk about sex are more likely to use condoms consistently.

The campaign aims to position condoms as a product that men use to show they are responsible and care about themselves and their families.

By the end of the campaign, the advertising on television, radio, cinema, print and outdoor media will have reached an estimated 52 million men.
The number of high risk men reached by the campaign will be an estimated 6.5 million.
Most will have been exposed to more than one promotional message about condoms.
He who talks, wins
The mass media campaign launched on the eve of World AIDS Day 2007 with a competition designed to get men talking about condoms.

The three-week campaign asked people to answer a riddle. Here's one of the clues: "It's a sign of manhood... but it's not a moustache."
Participants competed to win a mobile phone with free talk time.
The campaign reached 18 million men in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and was the first campaign of its kind in the country.
Nearly 400,000 people responded to TV, radio and outdoor advertisements by making a local call.
The strength of the creative idea behind the campaign is that instead of an ad that tells people to talk, it actually stimulated people to talk.
The riddle enticed people to talk about condoms with their friends in order to arrive at the answer.
A parrot, which represents talking and smartness, has been chosen as the campaign's mascot.
The advertisements were broadcast in five languages across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
Condom, condom, condom!
The second phase of the campaign launched in March 2008.
Once again, we want men to talk freely about condoms. The confidence and the smartness required to do so are also being linked to being a "real man".
The ad shows a kabaddi match - kabaddi is a team sport originally from the Indian subcontinent where chanting the word "kabaddi" during play is a crucial aspect of game.
In the ad, the protagonist wins the match against an obviously macho team by chanting "condom" instead of "kabaddi".
This campaign will be seen and heard on TV, radio, cinema, outdoor and print advertisements for a six week period.
We are amplifying our core message of 'smart men talk about condoms' in other media by fictionalising the kabaddi match and the discussion and debate it generates.
In this phase too, there is an interactive element with an SMS poll around our core message.
Focus on mobile phones
In the third phase of the campaign launched in August 2008, a ringtone campaign is used to promote the use of condoms.
In a scene played out at a wedding: a mobile ringtone buzzes with a loud refrain "condom! condom!".
Embarrassing for the person holding the mobile phone? Not a bit of it - the reaction of those around the red-faced man is to see him as smart and responsible.
The phase's theme Jo Samjha Wohi Sikander - "the one who understands is a winner" - reinforces the message that those who use condoms are winners in life. More.
Research and impact
A 'baseline' survey has been carried out in the four target states to assess existing knowledge, attitudes and practices related to condoms.
An endline survey will be carried out at the end of the campaign to measure progress on increasing positive attitudes and changing behaviour around condom use among men.
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