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13 Jun 2006 - 06 May 2021
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DAI Europe provides international development and transition consulting services to bilateral and multilateral donors, governments, and private sector clients throughout the world. Founded by Graham Bannock as Bannock Consulting in 1984, the firm is now fully integrated into DAI, one of the largest development companies in the world. For more than 20 years, our London-based staff have been providing innovative solutions to complex development and transition problems in public sector governance and private sector development and finance. Recently, we expanded into conflict mitigation and recovery, agriculture and rural livelihoods, and finance work.
As part of DAI, we bring to bear for our European government and private sector clients the massive talent, resources, and project management and support systems of DAI. We develop tailored solutions for our clients, underpinned by proven approaches and methodologies in areas as diverse as the platform approach to public sector reform, functional reviews, change management, small and medium-sized enterprise finance and microfinance, and credit scoring.
DAI Europe employs superior technical and managerial practitioners and consultants worldwide
DAI Europe's project management is based on systems that have proved their effectiveness in the world's largest development projects, so we can manage complex risks and mobilize a wide range of resources quickly and reliably
DAI Europe acts as the European platform for the entire DAI organization, enabling us to provide a broad range of development and transition consulting services
DAI Europe is a thought leader in diverse professional fields, but grounds this thought leadership in deep practical experience and expertise from around the world on complex policy and implementation problems
DAI Europe helps clients achieve concrete results and accelerate the achievement of development outcomes -- we aim to have a lasting impact, even in the most demanding environments.
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