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10 Nov 2004 - 06 May 2013
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The DAI Intranet portal houses a wealth of information for DAI staff all over the world. Managing our knowledge and sharing our experience is an enormous task, yet it is crucial to our success. Our Intranet has become a gathering place for employees of all DAI companies and provides each DAI staff member with the tools he or she needs to serve the client with the full benefit of DAI's capabilities. Log in to stay connected with your colleagues and up to date on what we're doing all over the world.

Some of the resources available for DAI staff on the Intranet portal:
DAI Library - The central piece to our shared learning including project results for past and current projects, research, how-to manuals, and toolboxes to help you do your job.
DAI Staff Directory - Find who you're looking for-even if you don't yet know their name-in all DAI companies and projects in the searchable directory.
Recruitment Management System - Need to know who specializes in Microfinance in Russia? Check this system that is searchable by keyword and last name.
DAI Operations Manual - The "Ops" Manual is DAI's central location for policies, procedures and templates. It is a "one stop shop" for daily project management information. As a dynamic tool which is continually updated, the manual helps to ensure consistency in implementation of key policies across projects and provides a resource for project innovations to be shared across the DAI family.
Webmail - Travel is part of our business. Anywhere you can connect, you can connect to your DAI e-mail and calendar.
Travel and Security Information
Marketing Materials

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