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07 Jun 2006 - 17 Feb 2013
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Developing Alternatives, a journal produced annually, provides a forum for DAI's professional staff to share their ideas and address issues of topical interest. With a circulation of 2,000, the journal is widely read by development practitioners, including staff of the World Bank, United Nations, regional development banks, bilateral donor agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and universities around the world.

Current Issue
From Curse to Cures: Practical Perspectives on Remedying the Resource Curse, Spring 2007 (624 KB pdf)

Back Issues
Breaking the Rules that Bind! Freeing Private Enterprise from the Shackles of Regulation, Spring 2006 (1.0 MB pdf)
Discovering Hidden Assets—Financing the Base of the Pyramid, Winter 2005 (1.8mb pdf)
Competitiveness That Obscure Object of Desire, Winter 2003 (1.8mb pdf)
Beyond Chaos: Development After Conflict, Summer 2002 (2.3mb pdf)
The Brave New World of Business Development Services, Spring 2001 (3.3mb pdf)

You may download our publications electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you prefer to order a paper copy of a publication, please send an email with your contact information to robert_salerno@dai.com​.
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