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7 Oct 2010 - 19 Aug 2011
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Swedish TCW index
The TCW (Total Competitiveness Weights) index is a method of measuring the value of the Swedish krona against a basket of other currencies. The TCW index has 18 November 1992 as its starting date when the index equals 100. On 19 November 1992 the peg to the ecu was dropped and since then the krona has floated.

It is possible to see how much the value of the krona has changed by studying this index. A high value on the index means that the krona has weakened and a low value means it has strengthened. The TCW is a geometric index and its weights are based on average aggregate flows of processed goods for 21 countries. The weights take into account exports, imports and third country effects. They are calculated by the IMF.



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