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2 Dec 2008 - 2 May 2021
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No. 224 Block Kalman filtering for large-scale DSGE models
by Ingvar Strid and Karl Walentin
June 2008
In this paper block Kalman filters for Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models are presented and evaluated. Our approach is based on the simple idea of writing down the Kalman filter recursions on block form and appropriately sequencing the operations of the prediction step of the algorithm. It is argued that block filtering is the only viable serial algorithmic approach to significantly reduce Kalman filtering time in the context of large DSGE models. For the largest model we evaluate the block filter reduces the computation time by roughly a factor 2. Block filtering compares favourably with the more general method for faster Kalman filtering outlined by Koopman and Durbin (2000) and, furthermore, the two approaches are largely complementary.
Kalman filter, DSGE model, Bayesian estimation, Computational speed, Algorithm, Fortran, Matlab.
JEL codes
C1, C6.
No. 224 Block Kalman filtering for large-scale DSGE models | 256 Kb

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