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17 Dec 2008 - 7 Dec 2021
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Looking for some entertainment? Now you can watch videos right from your mobile device. YouTube for mobile means having millions of videos right in your pocket.
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Browse millions of videos, including most viewed, top rated, and the day's featured videos.
Access your YouTube account. Log in to your YouTube account on your phone and access your Favorites, Playlists, and your own uploaded videos.
Upload videos. Upload videos directly from your phone and see them appear within moments on both the mobile site and YouTube.com.
Community on the go. Favorite, share, rate, and comment on videos directly from the mobile website to other YouTube users.
Search. Find the specific video you're looking for by easily searching for it.
Keep watching. Discover "Related" videos for each video you watch on your phone.
Requirements: You must have a compatible web browser on your mobile phone and access to the internet. The YouTube mobile site m.youtube.com requires a phone that supports RTSP streaming and is on a service carrier which permits streaming videos. Please see our help center pages for more information.
YouTube for mobile is a data-intensive application. You should consider getting a data plan before watching videos on YouTube from your mobile phone. This service is free from Google; carrier charges may apply.
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