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Sunday January 25th 2009
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The week ahead
China's leader visits Europe to discuss the worsening state of the world economy
War of words
Economic tensions between America and China are rising—at exactly the wrong time
Well in the red but still well read
Desperate newspapers are turning to foreign sugar-daddies. But readers remain hungry for news
Missions impossible
Barack Obama names his envoys to the Middle East and Afghanistan
Video: Bill Gates on the future of aid
The financial crisis may have an impact on aid, but individuals can be better risk-takers than their governments
Israel after Gaza: Counting the cost
Israelis begin to ask whether the war in Gaza was worth it
The future of finance: Inside the banks
Blank cheques, bankruptcy, nationalisation: the options are dire, but governments must choose between them
NATO: Who can unite the allies?
Contenders are lining up to be NATO's new secretary-general
Ex-communist reform: Mass murder and the market
Economic reform in Russia was accompanied by millions of early deaths. But it was not the cause
Bolivia's new constitution: A passport to Utopia
Evo Morales campaigns for a great leap forward. Or back, say some
France: A time of troubles and protest
As European economies sink, fears of social unrest rise
Correspondent's diary: Inauguration week
Watching the great tidy-up
Market.view: Return of the Nifty Fifty
Which blue chips will remain cerulean?
Art.view: Scattered to the winds
A great French collection goes on the block
Lexington: Betrayed by Obama
Some of the new president’s most ardent supporters already feel let down
Asia.view: Off of the junk
The troubling opacity of Chinese banks
Bagehot: An unaffordable luxury
The trajectory of British foreign policy during the recession
Business.view: From kaching to kerplunk
The dawning of the age of frugality
Buttonwood: Beware of Greeks bearing gilts
The risks involved in buying government debt
Charlemagne: Iceland hunts the euro
Why a crisis-hit Iceland may apply to join the European Union as soon as March
Europe.view: Feeling the pinch
Uncomfortable echoes of uncomfortable times
Green.view: On to Dunsinane
Bringing trees back to Britain
Tech.view: When feathers meet metal
How best to keep birds and planes apart?
  1. India and Pakistan: Dodging the dossier
  2. George Bush's legacy: The frat boy ships out
  3. China and America: War of words
  4. China's flagging economy: Strong as an ox?
Over the past five days
  1. George Bush's legacy: The frat boy ships out
  2. China and America: War of words
  3. China's flagging economy: Strong as an ox?
  4. China's flagging economy: Strong as an ox?
Over the past seven days
  1. The future of finance: Inside the banks
  2. KAL's cartoon
  3. Currencies: The Big Mac index
  4. Barack Obama's inauguration: And now to work
  5. Greed—and fear
Over the past three days
Products that really exist
Free exchange
The economic hole gets deeper
Democracy in America
A linguistic switcheroo from the Democrats
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Daily chart:
Lip service
What lipstick sales tell you about the economy
Briefing: When cashflow floods
The deep causes of the financial crisis lie in global imbalances
Technology: Read all about it
Flexible screens, thin as paper and coming soon
Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility
- Multiple positions
- New and independent Afghan organisation
- Kabul based
Board Operations Officers
The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Operations Division of the Secretary's Department
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Emile Garcin
Real Estate
First Deputy Director
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Warsaw, Poland
Executive Secretary
International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD)
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