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24 Jan 2009 - 13 Mar 2012
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Our donors and partners
Donors & partners
The BBC World Service Trust is the BBC's international development charity. We are funded by external grants and voluntary contributions. We only receive a small amount of core support for our activities from the BBC (both in kind and cash).

Our donors range from government aid programmes, to international foundations, trusts, government aid programmes, companies, United Nations organisations and non-governmental organisations.

We are grateful of their support, without which none of our work would be possible.
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Working in partnership
We work in partnership with governments, broadcasters, media professionals, and civil society institutions in developing and transitional countries to deliver our programmes. We also partner with UN agencies and international NGOs.
We work with partners to help them to produce (write, direct, perform, record, film, edit), broadcast and promote programmes, which have a positive impact on the lives of poor communities. We also draw on the expertise of local organisations to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of our development messages.
One of our primary objectives is to strengthen the media in developing countries. We share BBC expertise with broadcast and production partners, delivering extensive training and change management programmes in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Our partnerships with local governmental and non-governmental agencies help us ensure that all services and/or products that we champion - such as condoms or inoculation against infection diseases - are available in the communities where the programmes are broadcast.
And finally, our partners help design and deliver complimentary activities designed to increase the educational impact of our programmes. For example, we've worked with partners around the world to develop 'listening clubs' and 'learning groups', where trained facilitators discuss the issues raised in our programmes with the people who stand to benefit most.
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The BBC World Service Trust is grateful for the support of the following organisations:
The BBC World Service Trust works, or has worked in partnership with the following organisations:
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