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Monday February 2nd 2009
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Stimulus and the Senate
The Senate prepares to debate Barack Obama's stimulus bill. What will Republicans do?
The week ahead
The Senate considers Barack Obama's plans to boost America's economy, and other news
A step in the right direction
Nervous and hopeful, Iraqis vote in provincial elections on Saturday
Big government fights back
Public debt soars as governments battle financial crisis and recession. Will fiscal firepower work?
Human capital and the crisis: Swinging the axe
Job-cutting has begun in earnest. Will the axe be wielded wisely?
Denmark and the euro: Nordic nerves
Danes ponder joining the euro, Icelanders wish they could
Quiz: Well red
Our new weekly quiz on the current edition of The Economist
Correspondent's diary: A commuter's life, day one
Getting from one place to another in four cities
Tidal power: Green on green
Environmentalists square up over an ambitious tidal power plan
Biomimetic materials: Does even more than a spider can
How to make something useful out of spider silk
Green.view: Green schemes
The perils of directed solutions
Market.view: Uncharted waters
An opportunity in the dividend-swap market
Bagehot: Reykjavik-on-Thames
London’s other names, and what they say about Britain’s recent history
Art.view: Venetian interlude
A rare Lucio Fontana comes up for sale
Asia.view: Brave new connections
Will America's “network power” trump the “Asian century”?
Art.view: Scattered to the winds
A great French collection goes on the block
Business.view: Mountain reboot
Can Davos Man save capitalism?
Buttonwood: The bonus racket
Bank incentives are all wrong
Charlemagne: An Iranian conundrum
Europeans fret that this year will be the trickiest so far for dealing with Iran
Europe.view: Mission accomplished?
An oligarch buys influence for a pound
Lexington: Republicans seeking relevance
Can a wrecked party with a toxic brand make a difference? Mitch McConnell thinks so
Market.view: Return of the Nifty Fifty
Which blue chips will remain cerulean?
Tech.view: The BarackBerry
The president's new phone is no lightweight
  1. China and America: War of words
  2. Israel and Turkey: Bad new vibrations
  3. Internet users: China is number one
  4. India and Pakistan: Diplomatic outsourcing
  5. Israel and the Palestinians: A long and bumpy road
Over the past five days
  1. China and America: War of words
  2. Asian economies: Troubled tigers
  3. Asia's sinking economies: Asia's suffering
  4. George Bush's legacy: The frat boy ships out
Over the past seven days
  1. Asia's sinking economies: Asia's suffering
  2. Trade policy: Buying American
  3. Asian economies: Troubled tigers
Over the past three days
Tom Daschle's tax problems
Readers respond to Olivier Blanchard
A rather different in-flight video
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Daily chart:
Big government fights back
Will fiscal firepower work?
Briefing: Troubled tigers
Asia needs a new engine of growth
John Updike: American subversive
Themes of God, sex and America pervade his work
Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility
- Multiple positions
- New and independent Afghan organisation
- Kabul based
Board Operations Officers
The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Operations Division of the Secretary's Department
Washington D.C.

Emile Garcin
Real Estate
First Deputy Director
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Warsaw, Poland
Executive Secretary
International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD)
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