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Democracy and Governance Studies
Democracy and Governance Studies
Welcome to the Democracy and Governance Studies program at Georgetown University, housing the Master of Arts in Democracy and Governance and the Center for Democracy and Civil Society (CDACS)​.
Program Highlights
Ghana Exit Poll: Government Performance Key to Opposition Victory
In a closely fought runoff election on December 28, 2008, the opposition National Democratic Congress under John Atta Mills prevailed over the incumbent National Patriotic Party by less than one point. Initial CDACS-UC-San Diego exit poll results suggest that in the closing weeks of the election, voters who felt close to no political party and were disappointed with incumbent performance broke heavily for the opposition. These voters were likely decisive in the NDC's victory.
Democracy and Society, Volume 6, Issue 1 is now online. This issue looks at the causes and consequences of failed states. Download it here (PDF - 1.3 MB).
Volume 6, Issue 2 will explore authoritarian consolidation and its implications for U.S. foreign policy and democracy assistance. Successful submissions will be well-written, interesting and 800-2000 words on the themes above, including summaries and/or excerpts of recently completed research, new publications, and work in progress. Submissions for the issue are due Friday, January 30, 2009.
Please see the Democracy & Society homepage for more information.
NSF Awards CDACS, UC-San Diego $150,000 for Elections in Africa
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded CDACS Executive Director, Barak Hoffman, and UC-San Diego Professors Karen Ferree and Clark Gibson $150,000 to conduct election exit polls in sub-Saharan Africa. The purposes of the grant are to examine the accuracy of official election results and study patterns of ethnic voting.

On December 10, 2008, Georgetown's Democracy and Governance Program partnered with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems to host a discussion on globalizing authoritarianism and the future of democracy assistance at the National Press Club. Approximately 120 academics, democracy assistance practitioners and students attended.
The panelists were Dan Brumberg (Georgetown and USIP), Thomas Carothers (Carnegie Endowment), Larry Diamond (NED and Hoover Institution), Michele Dunne (Carnegie Endowment), Gerald Hyman (CSIS), Tom Melia (Freedom House), Carina Perelli (IFES) and Amb. Gérard Stoudmann (IFES).
Follow the link above for information on and resources from CDACS' globalizing authoritarianism initiative, including video of the event.
Center Will Assess USIP Grant-making Efforts
Georgetown's Center for Democracy and Civil Society has won a $50,000 contract to assess the effect of USIP's Annual Grant Competition Program on knowledge accumulation and capacity in peacebuilding. The study will examine what organizations receive grants, how well they meet obligations, whether the grants impact society and how the program is received.
Georgetown Professors Barak Hoffman, Ph.D. and Andrew Green, Ph.D. will administer the contract. Research assistants from the M.A. programs in Conflict Resolution and Democracy and Governance Studies will support them. Hoffman is Executive Director of the Center with research and programming experience in sub-Saharan Africa. Green is principal of DGMetrics with expertise on post-communist states and program assessment. He teaches the introductory democracy promotion class in Democracy and Governance Studies.

Book Explores Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka
In her latest book, “The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Terrorism, Ethnicity, Political Economy,” professor Asoka Bandarage provides a detailed and historical analysis of the evolution of Sri Lanka’s civil conflict.
Scholar: Mumbai Attacks Bring New Kind of Tactics
Three professors discuss the recent attacks in Mumbai and how they may be ushering in a new age of terrorism.
An Animated Approach to Teaching and Scholarship
Through his own special brand of teaching, School of Foreign Service professor Anthony Arend gives his students a world to think about.
Upcoming Events
Mar 20, 12pm-1:30pm: ' Strategies for Field Research
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