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Svensson: Monetary policy with a zero interest rate
17/02/2009 "Although it is not particularly likely that we in Sweden will be subjected to a strongly binding zero lower bound for the interest rate, it is wise to be prepared for this eventuality and to have carefully considered the monetary policy alternatives that would then be available, and which of these would be appropriate, depending on how serious the zero lower bound was." said Deputy Governor Lars E O Svenssons says in a speech today at SNS - Centre for Business and Policy Studies in Stockholm.   Read more
The Riksbank to offer USD loans on
18 February
16/02/2009 The Riksbank is to offer additional USD loans. Loans totalling USD 10 billion will be provided in an auction held on 18 February for the Riksbank's primary monetary policy counterparties. The loans, which will be provided against collateral, have a time to maturity of 84 days and the payment date is 20 February, which means that the loans will fall due on 15 May 2009.   Read more
Riksbank publishes Material for assessing monetary policy
16/02/2009 Today the report "Material for assessing monetary policy 2006-2008". The report contains a compilation and analysis of the monetary policy conducted by the Riksbank, which the Riksdag Committee on Finance assesses every year.    Read more
Questions and answers about the repo rate decision on 11 February
11/02/2009 The Riksbank has compiled a number of questions and answers to explain the repo rate cut to 1 per cent.   Read more
Repo rate cut to 1 per cent
11/02/2009 The Executive Board of the Riksbank has decided to cut the repo rate by 1 percentage point to 1 per cent. The repo rate may need to be cut slightly further during 2009. This large reduction in the interest rate and the interest rate path is necessary to dampen the fall in production and employment and to attain the inflation target of 2 per cent.  Read more
Long SEK loans at variable interest rate
13/02/2009 The Riksbank is continuing to offer loans in Swedish krona at longer maturities. These loans will be made at a variable interest rate. Loans against normal collateral will be granted with maturities of 3 and 6 months. Loans with commercial paper as collateral will be offered at maturities of 3, 6 and 12 months. It is important that the Riksbank continues to supply loans to facilitate the banks’ funding and the functioning of the markets. Longer loans at a variable interest rate will make it easier for the banks to give credit to Swedish companies.   Read more
Riksbank to build new cash management office
Today’s auction of credit in US dollars with a maturity of 84 days has now been completed
New technology platform for the RIX payment system is now in operation
Changed regulations for the redemption of notes and coins from and including 1 March 2009
Economic commentaries: Understanding Productivity Growth
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The minutes of the executive Board's monetary policy meeting from 10 February will be published
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Executive Board meeting
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General Council meeting
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Executive Board meeting
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Executive Board monetary policy meeting, No 2

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Sveriges Riksbank is Sweden’s central bank and a public authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament.  The Riksbank is responsible for conducting monetary policy, the objective of which is to maintain a low and stable level of inflation. The Bank also has the task of ensuring that payments in the economy can be made safely and efficiently.
The Riksbank's company interviews
Companies predict weaker economic climate. This is revealed in the Riksbank's interview survey. Read more
Financial turbulence - the Riksbank's response
The Riksbank has taken a number of actions as a result of the current financial turbulence. This page contains links to the information that we have published in connection with this.Read more
Questions and answers on the financial turmoil - updated on 17 December
The Riksbank has compiled a number of questions and answers to explain our role in dealing with the prevailing financial turmoil. The page is updated with questions and answers regularly. Read more
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