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Graduate Bulletin 2008-2009
Academic Rules and Regulations
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences establishes minimum requirements for admission and the award of degrees; departments and programs are encouraged to set higher standards. Students should therefore familiarize themselves with all the rules, regulations, and procedures relevant to their pursuit of a Graduate School degree, including those published in Graduate Studies at Georgetown, the online Graduate School Catalogue, this Graduate School Bulletin, and the graduate student handbook or other document published by their departments or programs. Other University regulations, such as the registration schedule and withdrawal deadlines published each semester by the University Registrar, must also be observed. In addition, recipients of Graduate School financial aid must abide by the terms of their obligation statement. Unawareness of these rules will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to act in accordance with them.
Exceptions to any of the following rules, regulations, and procedures must be secured in writing from the Graduate School. No other University officials, including faculty members, are authorized to grant such exceptions independently. Any student who is in doubt about how a rule, regulation, or procedure applies to her or him should seek clarification from the Graduate School.
The Graduate School and Georgetown University reserve the right to alter such academic or financial conditions as the following: admission requirements; the arrangement of courses; graduation or degree requirements; eligibility and conditions for receiving financial aid; and tuition rates and fees. Other provisions affecting students may also be changed as necessary. Such rules, regulations, and procedures may govern both new and continuing students and will be considered effective -- and an integral part of this codification -- after notice of the change has been posted on the Graduate School website.
Students should recognize that certain types of advanced degree research may depend upon receipt of external funding. The University will always attempt to secure such funding, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Research courses dependent upon such funding may not be offered.
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