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23 Jun 2006 - 22 Sep 2015
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Democracy will review either unsolicited manuscripts or detailed proposals for articles which summarize the intended topic and argument. We are strenuously non-partisan, and we are not interested in discussions of political positioning or electoral strategies for any party. Instead, we seek articles that explain how the world works or how it should work and that offer new ideas and new solutions to contemporary issues from across the progressive spectrum. We look for pieces that are willing to confront big questions and boldly step outside the bounds of conventional wisdom. Articles should be carefully researched and firmly grounded in hard data and deep thinking. For more on Democracy's mission statement, click here.
Submissions can be sent to dajoi@democracyjournal.org​.
Feature articles typically run 4,000 to 6,000 words. Democracy does not accept unsolicited book reviews.
You're Invited: A Discussion on "The Autonomy Rule"
Event: Please join the New America Foundation and Democracy at noon on Wednesday, March 18 for a discussion of Charles Kupchan and Adam Mount's new article "The Autonomy Rule."
Senators Kennedy, Schumer and Durbin Introduce Financial Product Safety Commission Legislation
News: Senators Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer have proposed creating a Financial Product Safety Commission, an idea that originated in Democracy.
Bloggers at the Gate
Matt Bai: The Internet hasn't perfected democracy. But it might.
Reinventing Reform
Elaine Kamarck: How to make sure big reforms work after the political limelight dims.
Wrong on Race
Richard Kahlenberg: Why Barack Obama shouldn't listen to Tom Sugrue.
Passing on Petraeus
Spencer Ackerman: Progressives should avoid claiming the surge in Iraq as a validation of their views. A response to Rachel Kleinfeld.
Michael Tomasky to Become Editor of Democracy
News: Michael Tomasky, a highly respected writer and editor with more than 20 years' experience covering American politics and helping to define and update progressive ideas, will join Democracy: A Journal of Ideas as its Editor.
Obama's America: A TPMCafe Roundtable
Event: All this week tpmcafe.com will feature conversations about Democracy's "Obama's America" symposium, including some of the nation's leading progressive thinkers.
E.J. Dionne, Jr. Named Chair of Editorial Committee for Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
News: E.J. Dionne, Jr. -- noted columnist, author, and public intellectual -- will be joining Democracy: A Journal of Ideas as the Chair of the Editorial Committee.
Left Is Right
Todd Gitlin: Bernard Henri-Levy may criticize the Left, but it is worth saving. A response to Nick Cohen.
The Quiet Warrior
Robert D. Kaplan: A new paradigm for the presidency. A response to Joseph Nye, Jr.
Intellectual Firepower
John Nagl: New threats require new think tanks.
Petraeus the Progressive
Rachel Kleinfeld: The surge in Iraq is a success, and we must claim it as our own.
Democracy Congratulates Louis Caldera For Being Named Head of White House Military Office
News: Louis Caldera, a member of the Democracy: A Journal of Ideas Editorial Committee, has been named the Director of the White House Military Office by President-elect Barack Obama.
Democracy Congratulates UN Ambassador-Designate Susan Rice
News: Democracy congratulates Susan Rice, a member of its Editorial Committee, for her appointment today to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Rice has been a member of Democracy's Editorial Committee since the journal's inception in 2006.
Video of "After the Election" Event Now Available
Event: On November 6th, Democracy brought together a group of America's brightest thinkers to present the first take on what the 2008 election will mean for the new administration's policies, the Democratic Party's trajectory, and the future of progressive governance. You can now view video of the event online.
Shooting Blanks
News: The Utne Reader recently highlighted Jim Kessler's Democracy essay on gun control.
Democracy Podcast: Theda Skocpol on Higher Education Policy
Event: Kenneth Baer speaks to Theda Skocpol about the future of higher education policy.
Democracy Podcast: Joseph Nye on Presidential Leadership
Event: To best confront the challenges of the twenty-first century, what kind of leader should the next president be? Harvard's Joe Nye has an answer, and he shared it in a recent Democracy podcast.

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