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16 Oct 2003 - 14 Apr 2022
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 What is Faculty of 1000 Biology?

I visited the web site, and got immediately excited. This is just what we need.
Tony Pawson
The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Ontario

Faculty of 1000 Biology is the next generation literature awareness tool. It is a revolutionary online research service that comprehensively and systematically highlights and reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 2300 selected leading researchers ("Faculty Members").
Faculty of 1000 Biology is run by scientists for scientists and provides a rapidly updated consensus map of the important papers and trends across biology.
Faculty of 1000 Biology:
You can get a flavour of Faculty of 1000 Biology by Taking a tour of the site and looking at our Key Features.

With recommendations from such a large group of leading, international group of researchers, Faculty of 1000 Biology is a must for all those working within the life sciences.

Faculty of 1000 Biology ISSN 1740-4118

The mass of literature is overwhelming, and a systematic tool that organizes and evaluates it authoritatively like this is just what we need
Stan Falkow
Stanford University, California

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