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17 Feb 2009 - 25 Mar 2021
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Thursday 23 April 2009
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Top Stories
  1. Tax rise as UK debt hits record
  2. Inquiry to start on MPs' expenses
  3. South Africa vote count under way
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Top Stories
  1. Man Utd 2-0 Portsmouth
  2. Chelsea 0-0 Everton
  3. Ipswich 'want Keane as manager'
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  1. Radio 1
    On Radio 1 Now
    00:00 BBC Introducing...
    Presenting the best in new, unsigned and underground music.
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    02:00 Gilles Peterson
    Listen Again
    Zane Lowe: The Maccabees in session
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  2. 1Xtra
    On 1Xtra Now
    01:00 1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss
    Upfront exclusive drum and bass pressure in the mix.
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    05:00 Rampage Remix
    Listen Again
    MistaJam: 22/04/2009
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  3. Radio 2
    On Radio 2 Now
    00:00 Janice Long
    With Tunes of the Unexpected, listener texts and emails, and great music.
    Listen To Radio 2 Live
    On Next
    03:00 Alex Lester
    Listen Again
    Wake Up to Wogan: 22/04/2009
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  4. Radio 3
    On Radio 3 Now
    01:00 Through the Night
    John Shea presents music by Sibelius, Agrell, Bruckner, Franck, Schubert and Telemann.
    Listen To Radio 3 Live
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    07:00 Breakfast
    Listen Again
    Performance on 3: National Youth Orchestra in Dance-Inspired Music
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  5. Radio 4
    On Radio 4 Now
    01:00 Selection of BBC World Service Programmes
    BBC Radio 4 joins the BBC World Service.
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    05:20 Shipping Forecast
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    Budget Special
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  6. 5 Live
    On 5 Live Now
    01:00 Up All Night
    Rhod Sharp presents. Including Europe Desk and Dr Karl's Science Phone In.
    Listen To 5 Live Live
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    05:00 Morning Reports
    Listen Again
    606: 22/04/2009
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  7. Sports Extra
    On Sports Extra Now
    No current broadcast
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    07:55 Formula 1
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  8. 6 Music
    On 6 Music Now
    00:30 Chris Hawkins
    Chris presents Utah Saints playing Cardiff plus sessions from Jacob's Mouse and Piano Red.
    Listen To 6 Music Live
    On Next
    07:00 Shaun Keaveny
    Listen Again
    6 Music Plays It Again: Higher and Higher - The Life and Soul of Jackie Wilson: Episode 3
    6 Music Home 6 Music Full Schedule Podcasts
  9. Radio 7
    On Radio 7 Now
    01:30 Agatha Christie's In A Glass Darkly
    A jealous lover is haunted by fellow pilot's death and a vision of murder.
    Listen To Radio 7 Live
    On Next
    02:00 Ladies of Letters Go Global
    Listen Again
    World of Pub: Series 1: Episode 2
    Radio 7 Home Radio 7 Full Schedule Podcasts
  10. Asian Network
    On Asian Network Now
    01:00 As BBC Radio 5 live
    As Radio 5 Live.
    Listen To Asian Network Live
    On Next
    05:00 Devotional Sounds
    Listen Again
    Friction: 21/04/2009
    Asian Network Home Asian Network Full Schedule Podcasts
  11. World Service
    On World Service Now
    01:32 Discovery
    Gabrielle Walker looks at how little we understand the oceans, and talks to scientists ...
    Listen To World Service Live
    On Next
    02:01 BBC News
    Listen Again
    Analysis: Analysis - G20 Aftermath
    World Service Home World Service Full Schedule Podcasts
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    Local Radio
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Cac 403025.2451.3
Dow Jones7886.57-82.99
BBC Global 304642.898.37
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