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Freedom of Information Receives Major Boost in Europe
Press Release
April 17, 2009
The Open Society Justice Initiative applauds a decision by the European Court of Human Rights expanding the right of watchdog groups to access government information.  more
OSI Forum: Changing U.S. Policy in the Middle East
OSI-New York
April 15, 2009
The Open Society Institute hosted a forum on changing U.S. policy in the Middle East with Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University and author of Sowing Crisis: The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East.  more
OSI Forum: The Unwritten Rules of Policing in South Africa and the United States
OSI-New York
April 13, 2009
Open Society Fellow Jonny Steinberg and Herb Sturz spoke about the controversial police practice of "stop-and-search" and broader lessons for criminal justice reforms in emerging democracies.  more
OSI Grantee Honored for New Media Excellence
April 8, 2009
VerdadAbierta.com, which examines the paramilitary side of Colombia’s long civil war, was awarded the New Media prize from the prestigious Círculo de Periodistas de Bogotá (Circle of Journalists from Bogotá). more
OSI Forum: Iraq—In Search of Truth and Trust
April 7, 2009
Los Angeles Times Baghdad bureau chief Tina Susman discussed the texture of ordinary life in Iraq as well as the overall state of the surge.  more
OSI Forum: Nigeria's Progress on Transparency
OSI-New York
April 6, 2009
The Revenue Watch Institute, an Open Society Institute grantee, held a discussion with two leaders in Nigeria's effort to reform management of natural resource revenues.  more
United States Announces Candidacy for UN Human Rights Council
March 31, 2009
The Open Society Institute welcomes the candidacy of the United States for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. more
Op-Ed: International Criminal Court Puts President in the Dock
Aryeh Neier
March 24, 2009
Sudan's President Bashir may be able to avoid arrest, but the charges against him have a powerful stigmatizing effect, writes Aryeh Neier, president of the Open Society Institute. more
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Rafah Crossing: Who Holds the Keys?
March 2009
Israel, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas are all preventing passage between Gaza and Egypt for political reasons, according to a report issued by Gisha, an Open Society Institute grantee. more
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Closed Zone
Open Society Institute grantee Gisha has created a powerful animated film about how the Gaza Strip’s 1.5 million residents experience living in a “closed zone.”  more
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OSI Forum: Why Russia Says No to Methadone
OSI-New York
April 27, 2009
Vladimir Mendelevich, a leading advocate for effective and humane drug treatment, will discuss the ban on methadone in Russia, and explore barriers to HIV prevention and treatment.  more
OSI Forum: After Mandela and Mbeki—The Future of South Africa
April 29, 2009
The Open Society Institute, together with The Nation magazine, hosts a conversation on the politics of South Africa, one week after that country’s presidential elections.  more
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George Soros
George Soros is founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute and Soros foundations network.  more
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OSI Statement on Fraudulent Email
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