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OSI awards grants, scholarships, and fellowships on a regular basis throughout the year. Applicants can determine their eligibility and view relevant initiatives and application guidelines.
View a sampling of grants, scholarships, and fellowships awarded over the past few years by OSI initiatives.
View and manage active grants using Grant Tracker. Request a copy of a grant letter, submit grant reports, and update grant files.

Call for Proposals: OSI Roma Decade Matching Fund
March 23, 2009
As part of its support for the Decade of Roma Inclusion, the Open Society Institute offers matching funds for Roma-related projects at the EU or national level. more
Call for Applications: Riga Graduate School of Law Scholarships
March 19, 2009
The Riga Graduate School of Law and OSI offer support to students with demonstrated academic excellence in law or a comparable field and who are committed to working in public law, human rights, or public service. more
Call for Proposals: Middle East & North Africa Initiative
March 4, 2009
The Open Society Institute Middle East & North Africa Initiative welcomes grant proposal outlines in the areas of rights and governance, media and information, and youth and knowledge. more
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