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Soros foundations are autonomous institutions established in particular countries or regions to initiate and support open society activities. The priorities and specific activities of each Soros foundation are determined by a local board of directors and staff in consultation with George Soros and OSI boards and advisors. In addition to support from the Open Society Institute, many of the foundations receive funding from other sources.
Soros foundations consist of national foundations in 29 countries, foundations in Kosovo and Montenegro, and two regional foundations, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). OSISA and OSIWA, which are governed by their own boards of directors and staffs from the region, make grants in a total of 27 African countries.
OSI's work in Russia—including that of the local Soros foundation—is currently being reorganized.
Below are links to Soros foundations, arranged alphabetically by country or area.
Albania:  Open Society Foundation for Albania
Armenia:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Armenia
Azerbaijan:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Azerbaijan
Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Open Society Fund–Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria:  Open Society Institute–Sofia
Czech Republic:  Open Society Fund–Prague
East Africa:  Open Society Initiative for East Africa
Estonia:  Open Estonia Foundation
Georgia:  Open Society Georgia Foundation
Guatemala:  Fundacion Soros–Guatemala
Haiti:  Fondation Connaissance et Liberte
Hungary:  Soros Foundation–Hungary
Kazakhstan:  Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan
Kosovo:  Kosovo Foundation for Open Society
Kyrgyzstan:  Soros Foundation–Kyrgyzstan
Latvia:  Soros Foundation–Latvia
Lithuania:  Open Society Fund–Lithuania
London:  Open Society Foundation
Macedonia:  Foundation Open Society Institute–Macedonia
Moldova:  Soros Foundation–Moldova
Mongolia:  Open Society Forum
Montenegro:  Foundation Open Society Institute–Representative Office Montenegro
Poland:  Stefan Batory Foundation
Romania:  Soros Foundation Romania
Serbia:  Fund for an Open Society–Serbia
Slovakia:  Open Society Foundation–Bratislava
South Africa:  Open Society Foundation for South Africa
Southern Africa:  Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
Tajikistan:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Tajikistan
Turkey:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Turkey
Ukraine:  International Renaissance Foundation
West Africa:  Open Society Initiative for West Africa
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