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2007 Activities
AfriMAP monitors compliance of member states of the African Union with standards of good governance, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law under African Union and United Nations treaties. At the 8th African Union Summit in January 2007, AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa launched two reports on Ghana, one on political participation and democracy, the other on justice and the rule of law. The reports recommended reforms needed to consolidate Ghana’s democratic progress. AfriMAP and the Open Society Foundation for South Africa also launched two reports—on political participation and democracy, and effective public service—about conditions in South Africa.
More than half of the African Union’s 53 member states have signed up to the African Peer Review Mechanism, a voluntary process that commits a government in a given country to conduct “self-assessment” reports on the state of governance. To complement the official reports, AfriMAP commissioned and published critiques of the African Peer Review Mechanism in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, and Rwanda. The critiques, compiled by local researchers, placed particular emphasis on the quality of civil society participation. The launches of the reports were attended by officials of the respective governments and of the African Peer Review Mechanism for the respective countries as well as by representatives of civil society organizations.
A report commissioned by AfriMAP, Oxfam GB, and the African Network on Debt and Development concluded that there is little involvement of civil society in African Union decision making. This report, Towards a People-Driven African Union: Current Obstacles and New Opportunities, was launched to coincide with the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa in January 2007, and updated in November.
AfriMAP promoted civil society participation in the debate on creation of an overarching African Union government; African heads of state engaged in a debate on this issue when they met in Accra, Ghana, in July. AfriMAP commissioned papers on the African Union government proposal and was the major sponsor of two forums to discuss the question. The two events provided civil society input to the debate, calling for an audit of the African Union Commission and its institutions. The final audit report incorporated the bulk of the recommendations from the AfriMAP report.
A 12-country survey of public service broadcasting in Africa is being carried out by AfriMAP and OSI’s Media Program, working through OSI’s four Africa-based foundations. The survey will examine issues of impartiality, independence, and quality in public service broadcasting and make recommendations for better regulation of the sector, especially as these countries’ broadcast media upgrade to digital technology. The final report is expected in early 2009.
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Malawi: Justice Sector and the Rule of Law
September 2006
This report, by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, evaluates Malawi's justice sector in meeting constitutional and democratic commitments for the respect of human rights and the rule of law.  more
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