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8 May 2006 - 21 May 2011
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Tor Jacobson
Head of Research
Field of research: Econometrics, banking and credit risk
"E-mail:" tor.jacobson@riksbank.se
Link to Tor Jacobson's own website

Kasper Roszbach
Head of Division and researcher
Field of research: Micro-econometrics, banking and credit risk
"E-mail:" kasper.roszbach@riksbank.se
Link to Kasper Roszbach's own website

Malin Adolfson
Field of research: Open economy macroeconomics, monetary policy
"E-mail:" malin.adolfson@riksbank.se
Link to Malin Adolfson's own website

Sophie Claeys
Field of research: Empirical banking
"E-mail:" sophie.claeys@riksbank.se
Link to Sophie Claeys' own website

Mikael Carlsson
Field of research: Macroeconomics, econometrics
"E-mail:" mikael.carlsson@riksbank.se
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Paolo Giordani
Field of research: Bayesian econometrics, forecasting, monetary policy, exchange rates
"E-mail:" paolo.giordani@riksbank.se
 Link to Paolo Giordani's own website

Mathias Trabandt
Fields of research: macroeconomics, monetary economics, public economics 
"E-mail:" mathias.trabandt@riksbank.se
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Mattias Villani
Field of research: Bayesian analysis, econometrics, forecasting
"E-mail:" mattias.villani@riksbank.se
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Karl Walentin
Field of research: Macroeconomics and Financial Economics
"E-mail:" karl.walentin@riksbank.se
Link to Karl Walentin's own website
Virginia Queijo von Heideken
Field of research: Monetary economics, credit markets, empirical macro, DSGE models
"E-mail:" virginia.queijo.von.heideken@riksbank.se
Link to Virginia Queijo von Heideken own website
Daria Finocchiaro
Field of research: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Macro
"E-mail:" daria.finocchiaro@riksbank.se
Link to Daria Finocchiaro own website
Erik von Schedvin
"E-mail:" erik.von.schedvin@riksbank.se
Lena Löfgren
"E-mail:" lena.lofgren@riksbank.se

Former staff
Marianne Nessén
Former researcher, currently at the Monetary Policy Department
Field of research: Macroeconomics, monetary policy, international finance
"E-mail:" marianne.nessen@riksbank.se
Link to Marianne Nessén's own website

Ulf Söderström
Researcher, currently at Bocconi University
Field of research: Monetary policy, inflation targeting, international macroeconomics
"E-mail:" ulf.soderstrom@uni-bocconi.it
Anders Vredin
Former Head of Research, currently Head of the Monetary Policy Department
Field of research: Empirical macroeconomics, monetary policy, central banking
"E-mail:" anders.vredin@riksbank.se
Anders Warne
Researcher, currently at ECB
Field of research: Econometrics, macroeconomics, time series analysis
"E-mail:" anders.warne@ecb.int
Sonja Daltung
Researcher, currently at Ministry of Finance
Field of research: Banking, financial structure, financial stability
"E-mail:" sonja.daltung@finance.ministry.se
Lars Frisell
Researcher, currently at Financial Stability Department
Field of research: Informational economics, banking, financial stability
"E-mail:" lars.frisell@riksbank.se
Link to Lars Frisell's own website
Kristian Jönsson-Hartelius
Researcher, currently at IMF
Field of research: Quantitative macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, international finance
"E-mail:" KHartelius@imf.org

Magnus Jonsson
Researcher, currently at Monetary Policy Department
Field of research: Monetary economics, macroeconomics
"E-mail:" magnus.jonsson@riksbank.se
Link to Magnus Jonsson's own website 

Marianna Grimaldi
Field of research: Exchange rate modelling, international finance
"E-mail:" marianna.grimaldi@riksbank.se
Link to Marianna Grimaldi's own website

Jesper Lindé
Field of research: Macroeconomics, econometrics, banking and credit risk
"E-mail:" jesper.linde@riksbank.se
Link to Jesper Lindé's own website

Peter Sellin
Guest researcher
"E-mail:" peter.sellin@riksbank.se

Gabriela Guibourg
Guest researcher
"E-mail:" gabriela.guibourg@riksbank.se

Monetary Policy Department

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