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12 Jun 2009 - 18 Jan 2022
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@​TEDJohnMark No, but thanks for the link! Will check it out!
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to TEDJohnMark
The militarization of American culture after 9/11: documentary photographs by Nina Berman. http://bit.ly/12hlfB
about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
Tajik Jimmy is the new Susan Boyle (@​evgenymorozov​): http://bit.ly/GIlKc
about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
AFGHAN STAR premieres June 20-21 NYC http://bit.ly/kkpMC + producer was interviewed on Daily Show last night! http://bit.ly/ugG7S (@hrw)
about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck
RT @liamdnoit: @OpenSociety Thx for RT. Focus should be on the >2.3 million people in US prisons at a cost of $60 billion per year.
1:33 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
RT @liamdnoit: Disappointed w/ Wired's sensationalist article on cell phone use in US prisons: http://bit.ly/SGO1P
11:59 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
HIV & Human Rights in Southern Africa: Discussion w/Michaela Clayton of ARASA, June 15 in NYC: http://bit.ly/mSakd
11:18 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
Ethnic profiling by police in Europe--documenting the problem & developing solutions, event in Brussels June 26: http://bit.ly/wH0wx
8:28 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
Call for Applications: Collaborative Arts and Culture Projects in Central Asia & Turkey: http://bit.ly/6fUPQ
8:23 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
New movements react against the "nonprofit-industrial complex": http://bit.ly/cDaUf (@theprospect)
6:04 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck
European press freedom charter launched: http://bit.ly/G7A9K
1:16 PM Jun 9th from TweetDeck
Tracking campaign finance in Lebanon--a monitor's manual: http://bit.ly/8FCJZ
11:04 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck
Our Women's Program seeks an Africa senior program officer, to be based in Nairobi: http://bit.ly/57fbH
6:46 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck
June is Torture Awareness Month in the US: http://bit.ly/xApWQ
6:01 PM Jun 8th from web
Access to Internet Is a Fundamental Right --Council of Europe: http://bit.ly/e8UYg
11:03 AM Jun 8th from TweetDeck
Book on corruption in Kenya finds its way to the country despite unofficial ban: http://bit.ly/jJtSv
10:58 AM Jun 8th from TweetDeck
RFP: Seminar for humanities + social sciences faculty in SE Europe, former Soviet Union, + Mongolia: http://bit.ly/qzko0 #fb
8:14 AM Jun 8th from TweetDeck
RT @issuelab: Why you should consider a CC license for your next report or white paper #nonprofit #openaccess http://bit.ly/Jakxi
7:50 AM Jun 8th from TweetDeck
On detainee torture photos and the role of photography in accountability for #humanrights abuses: http://bit.ly/r6DZL
7:13 AM Jun 8th from TweetDeck
European voting tilts center-right; the left "needs to find a new narrative": http://bit.ly/tK7WA
2:31 PM Jun 7th from web
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